Put on those Driving Burqas and Hit the Town

The revolution has come to Saudi Arabia. Perhaps not the kind of revolution that is sweeping across the Mid East, but a battle for something sexier than new leadership and electoral rights. This is about cars! 

Women are speaking up from behind the veils, they’re acting for the right to hitch up those burqas and show those men who the better drivers are. The protests began last week with a coordinated effort of various women (those with international driving licenses because no woman has yet been awarded a Saudi driving license) who made the bold, yeah obnoxious step of sitting in the front set of their car and driving it. All by themselves. 

The Saudi authorities are correct to be worried. They are correct to fine them and force their un-disciplining husbands to sign a pledge that they will not allow it to happen again. Once you give a woman the keys to the car, all order falls apart.

The car is the ultimate apparatus of autonomy. For one thing it gives you a place to be where you are off the radar screen of the guarding eyes of one man or another. And it’s not just a space, it’s a space on the move, getting them to weird and wonderful places without having to register with some overseer.

And then there’s the making out. You don’t have to have a fancy sports car. I’m sure there are few pick-ups, jalopies or even Amish buggies that haven’t seen some action when bedrooms were not an option. I say the time has come to take sex away from Facebook and put it were it belongs – on the back seat of your car. And when its over, you can just drive off into the sunset.

Go here to support Saudi Women for Driving

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