A Dress You Can Really See Through

The glamorous Kate Hudson showed up to the 2011 British Fashion Awards in a clingy, black Stella McCartney dress, which wouldn’t have been news, except for the fact that she gave birth four months ago.

The dress was see-through. I certainly managed to see through her act, as a good an actor as she may be.

I see a mother who is starving herself so that everyone can talk about her fab body.

I see a baby who has a listless mom who is working out all day instead of having pajama parties with her newborn.

I see a woman who can’t breastfeed because you can never drop those last few pounds on the tummy while your body is hoarding fat to keep your newborn optimally nourished.

I can see something that isn’t terribly sexy.

Oh, well, I hope she gets whatever job she’s after, so that she can play some gorgeous but unfulfilled gal opposite some hunky leading man. When you have sex on screen, I’m sure you’ll make us all believe that you’re packed with zest for life – yours and those for whom you’re responsible.

I guess it would be more feminist to say that this is her choice to make. I just hope that her childcare worker is well paid andwell fed.

p.s. And if I am wrong, and she really is a great mom, who somehow just fell back into shape in the time it takes others to drop wearing sleepwear into the afternoon, then I need to say, why the in-your-face statement? What message does it send to us, mere mortals, about what is possible and probable for other women’s return to the outside world?

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