Don’t Ask or Do, Don’t Tell or Do

Just wandering what they’ll call it now that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has entered into the pages of history. It’s not as if we can now say “Don’t Ask, Do Tell” because that could be unsolicited or just too much information. “I’m Asking, so You Must Tell” might be a sign of changing times, but it’s too rambunctious. So perhaps a simple “Piss off, my sexual orientation has no relation to my professional abilities” is a good replacement for this archaic statute.

DADT in the US military has survived since Clinton’s administration, and this is a compromise, “improving” on a really Draconian previous law that saw homosexuality as pathological, and punished sodomy with marching papers.

On this liberated day when the world’s second biggest army (after China, where I wouldn’t want to be gay, either) joins the 20th century(!), maybe the best thing to wish them is that now that the gays are out, the rest can start coming out. Of Afghanistan. And Iraq. And Palestine. C’mon, remember make love not war? Was there ever a better time?

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