Playtime for Two with Sex Toys

The thing with toys is that whether you are 3, 33 or 73, and whether your toy is fluffy or electronic, it can entertain you for hours on your own, or it can instigate a really cool play-session with a play pal. There is not really that much difference between our ability to have a blast with play objects at different ages, except possibility for our enthusiasm regarding playmates.

At age 3, mates are likely to be all around you, begging to join in but you could just as easily play with them or without. At age 73, you may find playmates are really hard to come by, or if you’re lucky, you snatched a healthy one and have held on for years.

At every age, some people are more possessive of their toys than others, and need a bit of a nudge to share, wanting to keep the plaything all to themselves. Here are a few thoughts on the benefits of bringing the toys out for tandem play.

Let’s start with those toys that are designed for use by two. The entire ranges of bondage gear, ticklers, strap-on toys, BDSM instruments, double-sided insertibles and all the clothing made for sex play are by definition designed for more than one. Whatever your taste, if you have a stash of these playthings, you probably do not need encouragement to bring them out at game time.

Penis rings, especially those with extensions that are meant for the clitoris, are used to give both partners extra stimulation during vaginal penetration. They can also be used in different ways for masturbation and other titillating games if you have imagination and a will to play. But remember that anything you can do on your own, can also be part of the duo act.

There is no reason why your personal vibrator can not be just as sociable. It is a whole different game when someone else is holding and aiming, or even looking for new spots to massage. It is like discovering a entire new set of positions to use with the same partner – all the same apparatus but a completely new set of experiences for both players.

A fabulous spin-off of the “meet my vibrator” scenario, is the advanced course in your personal sexuality. The new addition to your usual act is a perfect medium to clarify the facts of life, according to Professor You, the one who knows your body best. As adults, it can be difficult to try to illuminate a partner, or imply that they have lost the plot and that the only place that their sexual performance scores high, is on the good intentions scale. Using a toy, you can show your partner the whereabouts of your sexual response and orgasm, as if it is an instruction on the toy and not specifically on how to please you. It is also so much easier to listen to you when they are not concerned with their own body parts and what they are sensing at that very moment.

Just keep it clean, and when using your toys with others, remember they can spread nasty bugs via toys as effectively as you can having sex with our own natural body parts. Using your toy on yourself with someone else participating is one thing, but using your private collection on someone else means that you could be sharing a lot more than a few good orgasms. Some toys can be sterilized with alcohol or toy cleaner, but not all materials can be properly cleaned. It’s best to treat toys that have been playing the field with the same caution that you’d treat a lover who fits the same description: play it safe by not using anything directly on your body if you cannot verify where it has been.


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