When Did Condoms Become a Girl’s Business?

They may fit straight onto a guy, but girls have even more to gain by their use than guys do. Here’s a few outstanding reasons why you should get involved in dressing your guy, where it really counts.

Our Sexuality is Ours to Celebrate

We have the vote. We have jobs and our own paychecks. We have the right to say no to sex, and we are slowly internalizing the fact that we can initiate it on our own terms and ask for it just as we like it. And we like it safe. We like it unapologetically.

Girls Have Style

Have you ever noticed how some men don’t have a definite preference for chocolate ice-cream over vanilla or strawberry? Or that so many of them don’t understand why women need more than one pair of black shoes? Would these be the people you’d rather have choosing your condoms? Women who know a thing or two about condoms understand that price and size aren’t the only considerations. There is so much more to condoms than what meets the eye and a few other vital spots.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sure, both sexes can get STDs, but females are even more susceptible than males. Our receptive anatomy is more vulnerable and the vaginal lining is far more delicate than penile tissue. Women tend to have more infections without symptoms, which means there may be no initial signs of disease, but years later they discover infertility and infection of internal organs.


Even if both partners share the responsibility and consequences of contraception, the physical burden of unwanted pregnancy is ultimately carried by the woman. It is us who deal with the charming effect of contraceptive hormones, have the headache of remembering pills and the discomfort of fitting for diaphragms or IUDs. Much more important, it is women who undergo pregnancy and/or termination of pregnancy. We can definitely push for greater male involvement in contraception, if it suits us best.

Easy Access

Once upon a time the act of procuring a condom was the ultimate act of male gallantry. The aspiring scout had to brave the public humiliation of facing the only place in town that supplied condoms – the sterile and intimidating pharmacy. It was an over-the-counter interaction, not unlike asking for diarrhea medication.

Today condoms are available on the shelf in the supermarket, in the bathrooms at bars and restaurants (ladies’ rooms as well as men’s) and on the internet. There is no reason to expect it to be male domain anymore, nor to settle for the condoms that they bring along.

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