Climax Kegels Glass Ben Wa Balls

If you are after a pair of neat and tidy Ben Wa’s, no frills but safe and sturdy, you have met your match. Climax Kegels have come out with a pair of perspex glass balls held together with a silicone strap. You can’t get better quality; simply understated but highly functional.

Because of the weight of the perspex glass, the two balls are small but relatively heavy, so they offer a good challenge for the average Kegel muscle exerciser. The heavier the balls, the harder you have to work to stop them from dropping.

but for beginners, you can always pull one ball out of the strap and begin working with a single ball. This is an advantage over the basic string-tied Ben Wa Balls.

The silicone strap has flexibility, so you may feel that at first they don’t budge when you tug on the drawstring while they are firmly inside. Don’t worry – silicone is super strong and it won’t tear off. The hook on the end of the strap makes it easy to grip and gives you a sense of confidence that they can easily be removed or moved at any moment.

The bands which hold each ball also provide some extra circumference and traction to the balls, making them slightly easier to grip, when they’re inserted. When you contract the Kegel muscles, the straps will be easier to feel so you can get some body feedback on how hard you are pressing, which is the whole point of the balls.

For a nice extra, and for cleanliness and discretion, the balls come with a cute, white drawstring bag for storage that doesn’t take up much place.

Glass scares some ladies. They have fears that it can break inside them and shatter in ways that no one would like to imagine. But this is an impossible scenario; perspex glass is very strong and much more durable than regular glass; it could only break if dropped from a height. It cannot be crushed and cracked by any human muscle.

The materials used are both waterproof so they can be used in the shower, or for starters, in the bath, until you gain confidence to use them standing and while in motion. Waterproofing also means they are very easy to clean and keep hygienic.


  •  Two perspex glass balls
  •  Opaque clear colour
  •  Held together by white silicone strap
  •  Designed for strengthening vaginal muscles
  •  Phthalate free
  •  Waterproof
  •  Full length of balls and strap: 165mm (6.5”)
  •  Diameter: 27mm (1.1”) including the strap



  •  Clean look
  •  Discreet
  •  Can be used as a pair or singly
  •  Nonthreatening for first time users
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Relatively inexpensive



  •  May be heavy for beginners (with weak muscle tone)
  •  May be small (narrow) for women with widened vaginal width


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