Climax H2O Personal Lubricant Review

Dinah gives 3 stars

Actually the name is not really accurate in this case. H20 lube may look like water – completely clear and liquid, but try pouring it and you’ll realize quickly that it is flows more like cream.

Climax H2O Personal Lubricant is clear in colour as is the container in which it comes. The little plastic top pops open easily and it comes out with a little squeeze of the bottle. Better yet, it closes with a simple tap of the finger, allowing you to shut it before it gets lost in the sheets and leaves more wet spots than you planned on.

It has a vaguely sweet taste but no smell. The lubricant itself has a smooth feel and is not sticky.

This size is usually used as a component of sets, such as the Cottontail Kit, but is also available in larger sizes.


  • Water-based lubricant
  • Comes in clear bottle
  • Press top
  • 30 ml. (1 fl.oz.)
  • Sugar- and sweetener-free
  • Contains glycerin
  • Condom compatible


    • Discreet size is convenient
    • Bottle can be refilled
    • Does not stain
    • Base provides comfortable grip
    • No smell
    • Light taste


    • It doesn’t stay wet as long as the more watery lubricants
    • Thick texture means it may need frequent reapplication

2 comments on “Climax H2O Personal Lubricant Review

  1. Joey white on said:

    I’ve been looking for a lube that does not get sticky, and keeps its silky feel while using toys with my wife… She has recently been experimenting with toys which took a lot of convincing… But she always complains about and how it does not feel natural. the lube we currently use quickly dries up and does not stay silky… It seems to not have the wet feeling very long unless we use half the bottle.

    I was wondering if you have sample bottles available, so that we can try the Climaxx H20 before purchasing some? I have made several purchases on line in the past, based on positive comments from sites thinking it would be great and only to be disappointed once we received it.

    Eagerly waiting your response


    • Its great thinking to try samples before purchasing. We’re not the address for samples, we don’t push any particular products, but try going for liquid textured lubes, the more water-like the better. The jelly lubes tend to dry up quickly.

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