Climax Bursts Tingling Lubricant Review

This clear bottle shows off its intriguing contents with the floating pink beads and tiny bubbles, that won’t let any passers by guess what this really is.

The pop-top means that it is easily accessible and is just as easy to snap closed, so you won’t find wet spots in the bed from where the lube bottle leaked. The bottle also stands easily so that it can readily be landed without taking any attention from the real source of the excitement.

The shiny pink beads that fill the transparent lube, at first feel like tiny, hard bumps, but just a little bit of rubbing breaks them down completely, and within seconds the lube is smooth and colourless. These beads are filled with vitamins (A, B5, C and E) which pamper and protect the skin. This is especially useful for women who tend to feel raw after sex, perhaps because condoms dry them up and feel scratchy.

The Climax Bursts Tingling Lube stays wet for a fairly long time, considering that it is not a very watery-textured lubricant, but rather has the feel of clear, light jelly. When it does dry up, it tends to get thick and leave a layer on the skin.

This is not the lube for you if you like to employ smell and taste in your lubricated play. The taste is bitter and the smell reminds you of a surgical room, albeit light. On the other hand, if those senses aren’t an important consideration, you have a lube that is Glycerin-free and has added vitamins and skin soothers – aloe vera and chamomile. In other words, it may be doing something good for your body while giving you the pleasure that wetness allows.


    • Water-based
    • Clear colour with pink beads
    • Pop-top
    • Glycerin-free
    • Aloe and chamomile create cooling and soothing feeling
    • Beads enriched with vitamins A, B5, C and E
    • 118ml (4 fl. oz.)



    • Soothes the skin
    • Condom-safe
    • Will not perish toys
    • Easy access dispenser
    • Discreet
    • Will not stain textiles
    • Not messy



    • Bitter taste
    • Light medicated smell
    • Eventually gets thick and heavy


Dinah Rates      

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