What is a Chastity Belt?

The Chastity belt was invented to protect women (and their proprietors) from such shameless acts as pre-marital sex, or sometimes extra-marital sex. It was a father way to keep his girl a virgin or a husband’s way of keeping her faithful, something that spoke volumes about the fearful conception they had of the force of female sexuality.

They were said to be developed in the Middle East and brought to Europe in the Middle Ages. Belts usually made of metal were fitted onto women with locks to which fathers or husbands held the keys.

They would generally fit around the hips and across the crotch. A key would lock some sort of mechanism and would be kept by whomever had fitted the belt on the poor wearer. The main purpose was to protect a man’s wife or daughter either from the unruly passions of others, or from her own temptations, be they sex or masturbation.

The discomfort of wearing a metal implement in such a sensitive and functional area, sometimes for extended periods is only one of the many horrific parts: think about the woman’s health and hygiene!

Chastity belts have reappeared in recent years on the market, being redesigned and promoted as instruments of BDSM. There are versions available for males as well as females. Whatever you think of BDSM, you have to give them credit for not being sexist, something that cannot be said for the original inventors of these myth-riddled implements.

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