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LELO Elise 2 Vibrator Review

Classically-styled and with a look and feel of a boxful of other LELO high-end products, you may ask yourself why the world needs a new version of this standard type vibrator. Here’s why: because it truly is better. Elise 2, not unlike the first Elise, is a large insertible vibrator, with a design so fine that with one appendage-free shaft, you can have a fabulous variety of girths, depths and angles. The... read more

Jopen Vanity Vr9 Vibrator Review

Apart from its alluring colour, this skinny member of the Vanity family is not traditionally sexy at first glance. But take another look. If not for the super-smooth silicone covering and the psychedelic hue, I would imagine this tool would be in better company in a dentist’s clinic or a children’s symphonette than in your bed-side drawer. But don’t discount how smart it is, if not... read more

Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibrator Review

“What am I looking at?” may be your first response. If I say its a rabbit, some will understand the vibrator lingo but others could be left tilting their heads in bewilderment. So to level the playing field, I’ll explain that once upon a time there were Jack Rabbits which spun off a world of toys in which little ear-like features fluttered and buzzed in their attempts to drive the clitoris crazy.... read more

LELO Isla Vibrator Review

Most women shop for a penetrative vibrator by size. And by size I mean by WIDTH. We tend to prefer width over length, at least as far as insertibles go. If you’re looking for a toy with the circumference of your perfect man, you may want to keep looking. If you’re looking for skills that no man – however perfect – can have with his anatomical parts, may I introduce the Isla.... read more

Jopen Vanity Vr8 Vibrator Review

Within the Vanity family there is a vibrator for everyone. Well, for everyone with good taste and the will to invest in it. Number 8 is one of those styles that may not clearly be for everyone, but it sure will find its lucky partners who have special wants and needs and few good options. A simple looking shaft, you’ll be surprised to find that this has double the pop. The Vr8 vibrates from both... read more

Climax Gems Topaz Swell Vibrator Review

Shaped as something that suggests either a massive blue worm or a slim dolphin, this actually makes more sense as a penetrative toy than as an image of something from the animal world. And why does it matter anyway? The bottom line is, it knows how to wiggle and swim. The gorgeous blue is worthy of note. It is not a very common colour for girlie toys, but it is very sexy, especially when the light catches... read more

Climax Gems Ruby Ripple Vibrator Review

The ripples on this modestly sized ruby toy are a great way to enjoy yourself if you like vaginal massage. While the vibrations on this shaft are not all that strong, the deeply entrenched ripples provide lots of friction during insertion, and that despite the fact that the vibrator itself is medium-minus in girth, making it a good choice for starters or ladies who know they don’t want something too... read more

Jopen Vanity Vr4.5 Vibrator Review

Isn’t it a treat when you can have your cake and eat it? How about a dual-motored vibrator that gives you penetration as well as clitoral play simultaneously, while keeping a petite figure? This is a rare charm, to find a device that is great to hold onto, with good girth, but without the bulk. It is a truly well-thought out design that makes it all possible. The curves and angles of this... read more

Solar Bullet Vibrator Review

Want to have extreme pleasure and make Al Gore proud at the same time? Otherwise put, this is your ticket to heaven with the blessing of Mother Earth. The Solar Bullet is shaped like your basic bullet, with a welcome addition of sensual velvet-like covering, so it feels natural on the skin. The bullet attaches with a long cord to the power cell. This does add some bulk to the tiny vibrating bullet, but... read more

Jopen Vanity Vr10.5 Vibrator Review

If 10 is a perfect score, no wonder this is a 10.5! This is one sleek package with a remarkable number of features and capacities. The Vr10.5 is a superstar, from a top-class family. It boasts the custom fuchsia boldness of the Jopen Vanity range, with the unique design that each individual member of the series brings. The prettiest feature of all is the lily-shaped base that stands the vibrator, protects... read more

Sinclair Invisi-Vibe Vibrating Panty Review

It may not be your ideal first vibe, but a woman who knows and loves the vibrations that toys can give will love this new take on a hands-free, panty-held vibrator. Known as the Invisi-Vibe, it is a sort of invisible because its hidden under your underwear, and so streamlined that you will have a hard time noticing something even if you look for it. In addition, it is practically invisible in colour – its... read more

Jopen Vanity Vr7 Vibrator Review

What appears to be an aerodynamic version of the old rabbit, will convince you that progress is a great, great thing. Just take a look and you’ll know how much thought has gone into making a cumbersome double-action machine into a seamless beauty. Like the rest of the sleek and edgy Vanity range, the Vr7 comes in one colour only, but is is proud and exciting – not for the shy though! The signature... read more

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