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Key Charms Massager Review

Not much larger than an index finger, it is not the most petite but it is certainly a great size for a small vibe. The Key Charms vibrator is long enough to manipulate with ease but small enough to slip discreetly into most pockets. It is shaped like a bullet, but the unique lace design on the surface makes it anything but plain. This little clitoral toy has 5 vibrating patterns, all significantly... read more

Uma by Je Joue Vibrator Review

I cannot think about this without an image of Uma Thurman flitting through my mind. The silicone version of Uma is also simple but stylish, growing more beautiful the longer you watch it. Uma is a medium-large sized insertible vibrator, with a shape that makes it both sizable and discreet at the same time. The top and bottom ends are broad, with a slim waist, as it were. This may seem skimpy to the... read more

We Vibe Vibrator Review

Looking like mini earphones for an alien head, this is the most innovative vibrator design that’s shown up in years, possibly even decades. The discreet loop of the We-Vibe is the perfect shape for sex-for-one, but offers lots of alluring possibilities for couples too. The narrower, slighter end that is intended for insertion into the vagina, is designed to be sleek enough to allow penetration... read more

Key Vela Massager Review

When you know that it is a full-sized vibrator that you want and you know that you like power. You’re ready for something more stylish and you’re willing to pay more than on your virgin runs. But you are still on a budget. This may just be the key to your search. The Key series by Jopen, makers of exclusive vibrators, is a fine range of toys that deliver class and good functionality, without... read more

Vanta by Vida Vibrator Review

The latest addition to discreet, hand-sized vibes with a good attitude to energy sources, is the Vanta. A sultry, dark machine, you don’t have to be a fan of black to appreciate the stylish and sexy look & feel. Comprising a total of 5 inches (12.5cm), it is slim and short enough to pop in your handbag; there will even be space for the little charger if you are especially ambitious. The modest... read more

Joystick Spring Vibrator Review

Named for the pattern of the silicone, the Spring Joystick is not just another gently curved shaft. Like so many other new vibes, there is a narrow and curved top for G-spot use and a body that adeptly widens to reach a good girth at the base. What the spring adds is an ornate petal-like contour for extra traction on two sides. So at the same time you get a shaft that will produce more friction on the... read more

Posh Toyfriend Vibrator Review

Black is sexy, but it can get sleazy. Half black-half white, on the other hand, is spunky. It is classy and light at the same time. Not much bigger than a man’s forefinger, this Posh Toyfriend moves faster than any human appendage, to give you an experience that may have you seeing colours. The single speed vibrations are strong for a toy of this size and they are delivered in a small area, making... read more

Nice Toyfriend Vibrator Review

Yellow bubbles on a white stick. Sounds childish, even looks a bit too childish for an adult toy. And yet these little drops of sunshine will not only warm your nether areas, they’ll make you hot and sweaty all over. The Nice Toyfriend has three bubbles of increasing size stacked in such a way that it is perfect for clitoral use, excellent for tickling the larger surface areas and also particularly... read more

Zany Toyfriend Vibrator Review

If the spunky cyan colour doesn’t make you happy, the buzz on this little friend will. The Zany Toyfriend must be the simplest of all rabbit vibrators, in tiny dimensions. There is actually nothing rabbit-like about the Zany Toyfriend other than a couple of centimeter-long protrusions that catch all the vibrations and pour them out at a pace that will make the least responsive of clitorises stand up... read more

Foxy Toyfriend Vibrator Review

The cool cousin of the lipstick vibe just showed up in town and she is amazing. This tiny vibrator, not much larger than a woman’s thumb, is the pink member of the new family of Toyfriends which recently joined the Tickler collection. The deep pink silicone top meshes perfectly with smooth white hard plastic base to give you a fine piece of style and function. The silicone top provides a realistic... read more

Inked Vibes Black Tattoo Vibrator Review

So you want something different this time? The range is all so confusing, but this tattooed fella catches your eye. Yes, it does look like no vibrator you’ve ever seen before, but it works like every other standard hard vibe out there. What’s more, all those bad ass tattoos do nothing special for your orgasm. Well, maybe if you want to fantasize that its a big tattooed man doing the work down... read more

Leaf Life Vibrator Review

If green is your lifestyle and minimal is your taste, this adorable little leaf will grow your fantasies and shake your tree. Even before you get your hands on the crafted palm-sized vibe, you’ll be thrilled at the presentation. It arrives in a discreet but eco-classic board box with a magnetic closing mechanism. There is no way you’ll want to recycle this box anytime soon. Inside, in a soft... read more

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