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Private Jet Stream of Pleasure Review

The Private Jet is by no means an aircraft but it may take you on a ride that is as memorable as any shower you’ve ever had. A quick look at the Private Jet Stream of Pleasure gives the impression that it is more suited to a hardware store than a sex toy shop. Except for the pink which gives away the fact that something funky is up. The small fixture is installed (according to the instructions in 30... read more

Just In Case Condom Compact Review

The latest word on functional empowerment is a condom case that was designed for women, with style in mind. It’s an elegant compact, allowing a girl to have a mirror on hand even with her smallest purse, but it also has a second, hidden compartment with space for two condoms, or a condom and a sachet of lubricant. The Just In Case opens to display a nice-sized mirror, almost like any other compact.... read more

Penthouse Lust Lash Review

If you see this pretty, red toy and think it looks like a fun accessory for a bit of spice, don’t be mistaken. It may add spice, but we’re not talking about a bit of ginger, this is hot chilly! This sultry red rubber whip is made of a hundred or so strands of rubber, each one feels nice and smooth to the touch, but when they come at you from a distance, they leave quite an impression. Rubber is the thing... read more

Bree Olson Kitten with a Whip Review

If getting spanky and bossy is your cup of tea, the ‘Kitten with a Whip’ set is a cute and girly way to get into it. As such, it may be a nice way to introduce this kind of kinky play to yourself or to a novice partner. But don’t be fooled by the dainty detail and the sexy corset look, the whip really works, maybe a bit too well. So take it easy. The set is made of two beautifully... read more

Japanese Silk Love Rope Plaited Flogger

If, like Madonna, you think there is “nothing like a good spanky”, but you “don’t wanna cry”, the soft and silky hemp of Japanese Silk Love Rope also comes styled as a plaited flogger. It is great for role playing if you want to act mean but not be mean. The size is huge and menacing, but the colour and silkiness soften the tough impression. You have a tightly bound handle which holds together many... read more