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Your Daughter’s Bedroom – Book Review

By Joyce T. McFadden. In a word, the impression that this book leaves is bold. It is a rare treat to read something related to parental sex education that doesn’t pussyfoot around the tough parts. It just demands we step up to the plate, face the hard balls flying at us and send back a winner. Delving into the book, though, I was initially given the sense that it would be yet another manifesto on... read more

Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict – Book Review

By Irene Vilar. The cover of book Impossible Motherhood is simple but alluring. It traces the outline of a woman with two lines, with the title and sub-title ‘Testimony of an Abortion Addict’ located where the pubic mons is. Then, there are three sets of red lines (each set has four lines with a fifth line diagonally striking them off to symbolise ‘five’) at where the figure’s vulva would be. I was... read more

How to Lose Your Virginity (…and how not to) – Book Review

By Shawn Wickens. This is a tough book to summarize. It is full of contradictions, not unlike the subject of virginity itself. Some of these contradictions might have been better thought out in the editing process and perhaps this would have allowed a better understanding of what the book was trying to do. I began with lukewarm expectations about a book of titilating tales. This is what the front cover... read more

Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals – Book Review

By Ray Moynihan and Barbara Mintzes. As the topic of excessive pharma power slowly comes out into the light, or perhaps out of the bright lights of the parties being thrown by the brilliantly strategized pharmaceutical industry, Ray Moynihan takes on this battle once again, this time with something a little sexier. Our author has in the past addressed the subjectof pharma interference beyond medicinal red... read more

The Sex Bible for Women: Book Review

Susan Crain Bakos. Real bible yielders have many reasons why they consider liberated sex to be blasphemous, and this new Bible may just bring on a whole new level of accusation. This is the most graphic and unambiguous bible that I have ever had the pleasure of reading, and one that may just put your belief back in its place. To be honest, the first impression was not a great one. It came across as a... read more

Opening Up: Book Review

By Tristan Taormino. If you’ve ever thought about living with an open relationship, this is the guidebook to cheer you on by showing you that even the wildest options already exist and are flourishing, and they’re being practiced by regular people. Or are they? In this book that covers non-monogamy in its many ways, having many partners (whether they be one-nighters, sex partners, romantic... read more

Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage – Book Review

By Stephanie Coontz. You may think that sex and marriage are not necessarily related, or even that they are negatively related. But this extensive account of marriage and gender relations is intrinsically a book about the place of sex in organized social history. Although the book is packed with details, it makes for a fascinating read, because it takes a look at historical material from a very juicy... read more

Bonk: the Curious Coupling of Science and Sex – Book Review

By Mary Roach. Simply playful and entertaining, while it takes on one of the big questions: what is this thing called sex? And it follows the most serious scientists from the very distant history until the last google search before going to press. Beyond being a book on the how’s and why’s of sex research, “Bonk” is a collection of adventures which the author takes on in her investigation of the subject... read more

The Many Joys of Sex Toys – Book Review

By Anne Semans. There are piles of sex toy books around, quite a few of them written by this very author, which makes you wonder what this book has to add to the existing literature? In the way of content, there is nothing much new here, but there is a solid introduction to sex toys and some good basic sex education – male and female anatomy, arousal, orgasm, kegels, etc. Quite clear and standard. The... read more

How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure: Book Review

By Lou Paget. This “how to” guide takes on a very heavy challenge and does it with charm, never trying to reduce it to a simple task. Paget writes this book from her experience as a female discussing women’s sexuality with males. By referring to the questions, comments and reactions of men she has instructed, she makes it easy to approach men on this very tricky subject of their own sexuality. Given that... read more

Sextasy – Book Review

By Caroline Aldred. East and West meet with a bit of a smack in this sex guide. A very sensual read with a lot of excellent information but be warned: it gets off to a bad start with flowery, banal even meaningless tidbits, which are worth skipping. When you get into the heart of the book, it has something to offer. Caroline Aldred is a yoga and tantra master, so she brings that New Age voice and rhetoric... read more

The Adventurous Couple’s Guide to Sex Toys: Book Review

By Violet Blue. The idea professed by this guide is that couple’s use of toys is all about getting both partners onto the same page – it provides information of everything out there, and communication skills on how to interest a partner in, and negotiate couple usage. A lot of the descriptive information on the toys in this book can be found in the wide range of sex toy books available on the market. In... read more

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