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Purple Leaves, Red Cherries – Book Review

By Tania Elfersy & Andrea Katzman. Sex and the new mother: the ultimate Catch 22. While it may be the one thing your body doesn’t miss in those first months (or more!), it is definitely something that troubles us with guilt, frustration and self-judgement.  But when these feelings are at their peak, so is our lack of time to do anything about it. A charming answer that any mother would love is... read more

The Cultural Context of Sexual Pleasure and Problems – Book Review

Sexuality is intrinsically linked to its cultural context and without understanding each person’s cultural environment, one can hardly know how to help them with their sexual concerns or problems. This collection of papers by sex therapists around the world serves as a fundamental guide for anyone delving into the field of sex therapy. But moreover, it creates a powerful statement about social... read more

Key Charms Massager Review

Not much larger than an index finger, it is not the most petite but it is certainly a great size for a small vibe. The Key Charms vibrator is long enough to manipulate with ease but small enough to slip discreetly into most pockets. It is shaped like a bullet, but the unique lace design on the surface makes it anything but plain. This little clitoral toy has 5 vibrating patterns, all significantly... read more

Uma by Je Joue Vibrator Review

I cannot think about this without an image of Uma Thurman flitting through my mind. The silicone version of Uma is also simple but stylish, growing more beautiful the longer you watch it. Uma is a medium-large sized insertible vibrator, with a shape that makes it both sizable and discreet at the same time. The top and bottom ends are broad, with a slim waist, as it were. This may seem skimpy to the... read more

Aloe Cadabra Natural Lubricant Review

A whole new category of lubricant has just arrived on the market. We know and trust the water-based lubes, we know and love the oil-based lubes, we may even have slipped and slid with some silicone-based lube, but until now, no-one thought up the ingenious idea of a lubricant based on aloe vera. Aloe vera is a cactus-like plant which has been known for thousands of years as a herbal medicine. It is often... read more

We Vibe Vibrator Review

Looking like mini earphones for an alien head, this is the most innovative vibrator design that’s shown up in years, possibly even decades. The discreet loop of the We-Vibe is the perfect shape for sex-for-one, but offers lots of alluring possibilities for couples too. The narrower, slighter end that is intended for insertion into the vagina, is designed to be sleek enough to allow penetration... read more

Key Vela Massager Review

When you know that it is a full-sized vibrator that you want and you know that you like power. You’re ready for something more stylish and you’re willing to pay more than on your virgin runs. But you are still on a budget. This may just be the key to your search. The Key series by Jopen, makers of exclusive vibrators, is a fine range of toys that deliver class and good functionality, without... read more

Vanta by Vida Vibrator Review

The latest addition to discreet, hand-sized vibes with a good attitude to energy sources, is the Vanta. A sultry, dark machine, you don’t have to be a fan of black to appreciate the stylish and sexy look & feel. Comprising a total of 5 inches (12.5cm), it is slim and short enough to pop in your handbag; there will even be space for the little charger if you are especially ambitious. The modest... read more

Private Jet Stream of Pleasure Review

The Private Jet is by no means an aircraft but it may take you on a ride that is as memorable as any shower you’ve ever had. A quick look at the Private Jet Stream of Pleasure gives the impression that it is more suited to a hardware store than a sex toy shop. Except for the pink which gives away the fact that something funky is up. The small fixture is installed (according to the instructions in 30... read more

Sex Butter Review

While butter may sound more sensual, Sex Butter is actually an oil-based lubricant. The texture is similar to butter – when kept at medium to low temperatures it is more solid, making it easy to apply small amounts. Within seconds of receiving heat from the body, even just on the fingers, it spreads into a smooth oil and provides all the wetness necessary for her or him. Its long list of essential oils... read more

Simple Sexy Food – Book Review

By Linda De Villers. Yet another book about the connection between food and sex? Thankfully, this is more than that overstated and obvious duo. After an interesting discussion on aphrodisiacs and their history, the book plunges into some 90 pages delightfully describing an extensive list of foods, drinks and spices. It recounts folklore, historical uses and then nutritional value for each, connecting... read more

Ego E3 Penis Ring review

The idea of vibrating penis rings is a worthy one but so often, in their attempts to please both the users, they please neither. And then arrives the Ego e3, fresh in its design and unassumingly better than the rest. Here is a penis ring with smooth silicone and a lot of stretch to make it fit comfortably on the man, and a lavish fan to make it reach the woman’s clitoris with more than a mere... read more

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