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She Was No Virgin

The name Virginia Johnson may not ring any bells. How about Masters & Johnson? Ah ha. She is the lady who was not behind the man but most certainly alongside him, the famous sex researcher. Together they made female orgasm isn’t a roller coaster graph and have left countless women huffing and puffing multiply with the knowledge that they can abd should just hang in there for lots more. Virginia... read more

On Keeping Calm

“A crucial moment in Britishness” is how they describe the World War II motivational poster “Keep Calm and Carry On”. That’s very noble but some would say what is crucially British is vicars and tarts, or under-clothed models on the Sunday Times’ back page. So with all due respects, we’ll upgrade the slogan to something just as British but a whole lot more... read more

Proud All Month Long

June is pride month, so out with the black and white and in with the rainbow! For those who still argue that Gay Pride is shoving people’s (alternative) sexuality in other (mainstream) people’s faces, I’ll have you know that all year long very restrictive forms of heterosexuality and sexism are shoved in everyone’s faces. Pride march/week/month is a great time to raise... read more

Aww, May’s Over

Gentlemen and no less, ladies, It is almost the end of May, popularly known (in some circles) as Masturbation Month. Hey, I’m not making this up, look here. So don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate such a sweet cause. Not that you can’t have sex for one come Saturday 1st, sometimes it’s just nice to do it and be in good company. Whether its your hand, a borrowed hand, a vibrator... read more

The Week Our Clits Went International

Who shouted “clitoris” and did not feel the earth move? We so-called Western women have many common sexual problems. Some of us cannot manage penetration, or genital touch for that matter; some of us don’t know that it is quite normal not to have vaginal orgasms and spend their lives frustratedly working at it; some of us have bad relationships and do not relax enough to orgasm; yet... read more

Dirty Underwear

One of the words that the world associates with safe sex is Durex. They are not necessarily that last word in condoms, but they’ve done their damndest to make their name what it is. Sexual behaviour surveys, lubricants, vibrators and now, Funderwear. Their adverts are fantastic but their surveys are scientifically dubious, the lube is sticky, the vibrators are run of the mill and the... read more

Keep Your Nose Out of Here

Google thinks that they have made another great step forward for human-kind, but this may just be the beginning of the end for anyone who believes that porn is going to rule and destroy our culture. That may be a disturbing opening, but if you haven’t already heard about Google Nose, just out in its Beta version, then check it out NOW. Google have (don’t ask me the technical details, I’m... read more

A Word for the Women on Our Day

To the truly empowered woman, there  365 woman’s days a year. But for the vast majority of us, reality blows stronger than our empowerment can withstand, so we take one day a year to recognise our strengths and look ahead at what we’d like to achieve for ourselves, our sisters and our daughters . To us, the real women, I offer a  word of encouragement. Just to remind us who the really... read more

19 Forever (God help the post-pubescents)

Who still remembers the Joe Jackson song “Nineteen Forever”, which speaks of 19 as the ideal age, mature enough to take on the world but before it all gets complicated? I recall listening to it incessantly at that particular age, knowing I’d be looking back one day and sighing. I was somewhat grown up when I was 19, not like Justin Bieber who, as far as I’m concerned, will be 15 forever. But... read more

Left Loveless on Valentines Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he’ll be a free man by the end of the month. There are one billion Catholics who are asking what this means for the Church, but I beg the question is there life after 62 years in the deepest chambers of the Catholic Church? Let’s start with some superficialities. He’ll be losing all those lovely garments and... read more

Having Moore Sex on Holiday

Let’s face it – we all have more sex on holiday. Whether we’re there with a spouse, a boy/girlfriend or single, we get more action in a week of vacation than in a month on our home turf. I’m not working for the Tourism Board either, it’s just the way our minds work. Have hotel room, will mess the sheets. Now, if we mere mortals can get more somethin’ somethin’ when we... read more

Sad, Sore and Strong

The Indian gang-rape story has to be the ugliest start to a fresh new year, but the sisterhood (and pro-sister brotherhood) that has arisen across the sub-continent and around the globe, tells us that we still have the power to change things, and we must never forget it. Rape isn’t new. It’s an act of violence in the sexual sphere but it is not sex. It exists wherever there is a power... read more

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