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Sex In Your 80′s

Many people feel more comfortable thinking that folks stop being sexual when they get old. As we grow older, the age of “old” miraculously moves up, but few will argue that the 80′s is not old. Well, maybe Hugh Hefner will, but let us not base anything on that a man who collects and flaunts girlfriends younger than his grandchildren. Eighty is something of an enigmatic age, because each and every... read more

Sex After Menopause

On sex in the last third of life, our old friend Freud is up to his mischief. Again. He told us that sexuality runs out after 65. Well it doesn’t. Or rather, it should. The Janus Report on Sexual Behaviour, which was published in 1993, found that people of 65 and over were having as much sex, sometimes even more, that the 18-26 year olds. Sure, our bodies alter, libido changes and some hitches occur that... read more

Teenagers’ Experience of Sex

Teenagers are a fascinating sub-group among us, by definition not quite children and not quite adults, in the midst of the closest thing to an alien invasion known to humans. They are figuring out the consequences of the full-scale assault launched by hormones on their bodies and – more frightening – by their bodies. Suddenly, the little human beings that once existed, change shape and... read more

Sex After Childbirth

The progression from sex to pregnancy is logical and clear, in fact it happens approximately 130 million times each year across the globe. But the progression from childbirth back to sex demands effort and information that a lot of women just aren’t given. When pregnancy and birth are placed under the authority of doctors and other health-care professionals, it is not surprising that trying to get... read more

Having Sex for the First Time in your Twenties

For most girls growing up in communities that don’t guard their virginity as sacred, the question of when they decide to have sex for the first time is something with which they struggle for a long time before their first experience. And sometimes for a long time afterwards too. The question of when to consent is not as simple as waiting for marriage. With the age of marriage rising and the popular idea... read more