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Genital Herpes and Why Condoms Are not Enough

Herpes is the ammunition many of the abstinence-only advocates and sex-unfriendly preachers use when trying to explain why condoms are not the answer. They are in general very much mistaken, but when it comes to herpes*, there is something to be noted about condom use. Condoms are well studied and proven to offer a very high level of protection for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) transferred in... read more

The Most Legendary Disease of Them All: Syphilis

A long time ago, before the term HIV clouded our sexual intentions, before the 60’s changed the way we were allowed to behave sexually, even before penicillin was mistakenly discovered, there was one disease that was so ferocious and unspeakable it’s hundred different names were all but whispered. Syphilis, then known as the sovereign of all the venereal diseases, was the most debilitating. To add insult... read more

When Did Condoms Become a Girl’s Business?

They may fit straight onto a guy, but girls have even more to gain by their use than guys do. Here’s a few outstanding reasons why you should get involved in dressing your guy, where it really counts. Our Sexuality is Ours to Celebrate We have the vote. We have jobs and our own paychecks. We have the right to say no to sex, and we are slowly internalizing the fact that we can initiate it on our own terms... read more

The Art & Science of Using Condoms

We must admit that condoms can sometimes be a less than charming element of a sexual encounter. Awkward, untimely, interrupting. But put quite crudely, sex with condoms is pure romance compared to sex with herpes et al. Learning to live in peace with condoms isn’t too difficult, but it does need some time and practice. The time will be well spent and the practice is really more of a pleasure than a... read more

Proper Use of Condoms

When it comes to using condoms, you simply need practice, practice and more practice. Sacrifice a condom or two for the mission and it’ll pay off when the time comes. And like we said, this form of rehearsal really isn’t as lame as preparing for a piano recital. Men and women both, should get to know the feeling of a condom, how to open the package, without tearing the condom, how to unroll it, and... read more

Young, Female and Infected

Who still thinks that youth is innocent and uncomplicated? The teenage years are increasingly demanding on children and their burgeoning sexuality. In addition to their need to learn and relearn their changing bodies, it is becoming more evident that the youngest sexually active people are the most vulnerable to negative outcomes, especially sexually transmitted infections (STIs). And even more so than... read more

Update on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic 2010

When is good news actually just bad news that’s slowly getting less bad? This is case with the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. All the latest statistics show that the rate of infection is slowing down, not just this past year but for the last few years.  Since its peak around the turn of the century, annual HIV infection numbers are down by 19%. But even so, there were an estimated 2.6 million people... read more

STDs in the Baby Boomer Generation

The Baby Boomer generation has been called the largest and wealthiest generation ever. According to Steve Gillon, Boomers have been dissected, analyzed and pitched to, almost since their conception. So why haven’t we heard about the boom in STDs as this generation enters midlife? Perhaps it just isn’t as congenial as skin-care products and cruises, and certainly not as marketable. Since the... read more