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Sexy Lessons from 80′s Music

Or, Everything You Need to Know About Pleasing a Woman was sung in 1980-81 Sometimes great advice comes in the oddest of ways. Great advice on sex comes in even stranger forms. But when the wisdom comes in the form of pop music, one should be more than a bit skeptical. Taking your love and sex advice from MTV is not to be advised, but every now and then, even that rule must be broken. Remember way back in... read more

Rereading Woman’s Erotica: Empowerment of Smut?

The search for truly enlightened erotic literature may not be a lost battle, but it certainly is a mission. With all the so-called liberation of erotica following the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, the question is begged, is the contemporary erotica really putting women and our sexuality in a better place than the written word (and, for that matter, the pictures) in Penthouse magazine? It would be almost... read more

Oh My Goddess! Which Type are You in Bed?

Six goddesses are told of in Greek Mythology. They are fighters, mothers, virgins, protectors, providers. Between them they cover many of the attributes that complement and conflict our personalities. They may belong to an ancient culture, but they have been reinvented as representatives of the most basic contemporary female ambitions and demons. How can these goddesses be of service to us? They are not... read more

Icons of Sexual History – John Harvey Kellogg (1852-1943)

John Harvey Kellogg, the man who invented cornflakes, was actually a medical doctor. He ran the very popular Battle Creek Sanitarium, a sort of a health and diet resort. although much of his practice was based on his religious principals. He was a member of the Seven Day Adventists, a denomination which professes vegetarianism, exercise and abstinence from tobacco and alcohol. After one of his books, The... read more

Playtime for Two with Sex Toys

The thing with toys is that whether you are 3, 33 or 73, and whether your toy is fluffy or electronic, it can entertain you for hours on your own, or it can instigate a really cool play-session with a play pal. There is not really that much difference between our ability to have a blast with play objects at different ages, except possibility for our enthusiasm regarding playmates. At age 3, mates are... read more

What is Female Orgasmic Disorder?

Female Orgasmic Disorder. Anorgasmia. Pre-orgasmia. Depending on whom you ask about it, your answers will vary like the range of orgasms themselves. The pharmaceutical companies, notably those who are currently testing compounds promising to have every woman horny on cue, will say that Female Orgasmic Disorder is a common and harrowing reality. Feminists will say it is an invention to make women feel... read more

Is there a Male Menopause?

Technically, menopause means the end of menstruation, so men could not have quite the same thing. But while the female hormonal reshuffle lasts for about 10 years, and brings about the end of female fertility, males also experience a hormonal drop, albeit more gradual and subtle. Less radical, but no less real. Note to all men reading this: if this information is bringing on a hot flush, you should relax... read more

Sex Toys: Marketed to Men or Women?

Merchandising, brand positioning and advertising are everything when it comes to marketing and influencing consumers. They are the essential components that affect our decision to buy. Wine bottles and perfume are wonderful case studies of this. In fact, half the research for branding wine goes in to the design of the bottle rather than the wine itself. Unless you know exactly what bottle of wine you... read more

The Most Legendary Disease of Them All: Syphilis

A long time ago, before the term HIV clouded our sexual intentions, before the 60’s changed the way we were allowed to behave sexually, even before penicillin was mistakenly discovered, there was one disease that was so ferocious and unspeakable it’s hundred different names were all but whispered. Syphilis, then known as the sovereign of all the venereal diseases, was the most debilitating. To add insult... read more

Internet Dating in Mid-Age

While the internet has extended sexual accessibility for people of all ages and all physical and mental states, it is even more central a tool for recently separated older individuals who find that they do not have other easy routes to meeting new people. Whether newly single or chronically unattached, internet meetings bring with them all the risks of sexual partnering with relative strangers but no... read more

How Safe is Lesbian Sex?

There is a popular notion that lesbians and women who have sex with women, have a certain freedom from worry about contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). As we should all know by now, pregnancy is off the list of worries, but STIs are spreading their nasty effects almost as easily as with all the other sexual ensembles. And here is how… STIs can be spread through vaginal fluid, skin-to-skin... read more

Faking Orgasm

The birds don’t do it. The bees don’t do it. So why do educated people do it? People fake orgasm because we think too much. We think about our partner working so hard and want to give him or her some gratification. Or we start thinking how the sex is going, get bored and want it to end because we are not getting closer to a real orgasm anyway. Or we think about wanting to be a better lover, more orgasmic,... read more

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