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Rereading Woman’s Erotica: Empowerment of Smut?

The search for truly enlightened erotic literature may not be a lost battle, but it certainly is a mission. With all the so-called liberation of erotica following the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, the question is begged, is the contemporary erotica really putting women and our sexuality in a better place than the written word (and, for that matter, the pictures) in Penthouse magazine? It would be almost... read more

What Makes Chocolate the Perfect Lover?

Chocolate is our friend, our comforter and in many ways, our sensual and romantic collaborator. Chocolate, or an earlier version of it, came to us (like tobacco, indigo and potatoes) from the pre-colonial Americas. They provided the cocoa beans, someone added the butter and sugar plus flavours from every corner; the result of this global effort is the most sensual and adored treat of them all. Even in its... read more

Is There Such a Thing as a Sex Addict?

They are the subject of jokes and sometimes envy. They have a 12-step recovery programme of their own. They have books and memoirs telling heart-wrenching narratives. But the jury is still out on whether sex addicts are really what they claim to be – individuals with a compulsive need for sexual contact – or if they are simply the victims of a dangerous cultural construct based on arbitrary notions... read more

Vegetarianism and Sex

Despite the contrived images of primal masculinity being all meat and potatoes or wild and sensual femininity being sipped out of oysters, the real path to eating for great sex stems from the other end of the spectrum, the one filled with colours, textures and shapes espoused by those granola-type people. Out with the caveman! Good, sustainable sex is so much simpler in a healthy body and here’s where... read more

The 10 Classic Myths about Masturbation

It’s probably because we humans can’t escape guilt and moral torture. We have taken the pleasure of masturbation, which by the way is not only rewarding; it is also stress-relieving, instructional and pretty much the safest form of sex around. But we have warped it with misfounded beliefs and accusations. Sex-for-one is just that, or as Woody Allen put it, “sex with someone I... read more

Alcohol and Sex: the Mismatched Couple

Sex and alcohol seem to be such a prosaic couple. Wine and romance, beer and cheerleaders, they couple up in so many forms. But a thorny couple they are. The first drink, possibly even the second, can actually have a positive effect, if inhibitions keep you from showing initiative. Most men and women who enjoy light drinking actually report that adds something to sexual enjoyment. Perhaps it makes you... read more

The What’s What of Missionary Position

The missionary position, as the pious would have it, refers to one of the many variations of man-on-top position. The Kama Sutra, for example, might break up man-on-top-facing-each-other positions into many, depending on whether the man is resting on his hands or elbows, and where the woman’s legs are placed. Actually, by the woman moving her legs from straight down, to raised, to all the way over... read more

Missionaries in Our Bed

According to urban legend, the natives of the Pacific Islands performed sex in many positions other than man on top of woman, with the couple facing each other. When the European & American missionaries arrived and began spreading the word of the Church, one of the ideas they professed was the man-on-top position, which for many years the Christian Church really did accept as the only moral way of... read more