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Is there a Male Menopause?

Technically, menopause means the end of menstruation, so men could not have quite the same thing. But while the female hormonal reshuffle lasts for about 10 years, and brings about the end of female fertility, males also experience a hormonal drop, albeit more gradual and subtle. Less radical, but no less real. Note to all men reading this: if this information is bringing on a hot flush, you should relax... read more

The Life and Times of Testosterone

Testosterone is often treated as synonymous with masculinity. Although testosterone is known as the male hormone, it exists naturally in women in smaller quantities too. Its levels rise and fall in men, from year to year, from hour to hour, and even from circumstance to circumstance. Suggesting that men are more or less masculine as a function of these hormonal levels is as chauvinist as thinking that... read more

The Truth About Blue Balls

The name sounds as innocent as a kids’ game, but actually, the mention of Blue Balls is one of the most manipulative ways in which males abuse females’ naivety, when the heat gets turned on. Blue Balls refers to a high state of arousal in men, when the penis is engorged and prepared for ejaculation and orgasm, but is doesn’t happen. This could either be because one of the partners decides to stop the... read more

I’m Not Impotent: the Reality of Erectile Dysfunction

The word impotence has gone out of mode in the sexual health jargon. It is a bombastic word that implies that something has gone wrong beyond the erection, that there is some sort of malfunction in the manhood. The term “erectile dysfunction” is a better way of describing a range of hitches and glitches that lead to difficulties with erections. Medically the difference between these terms is... read more

Can You Change the Taste of Ejaculate?

Everyman has his signature taste. It is that taste that his partner either enjoys, endures or avoids like the plague. But unlike his bad handwriting or sports obsessions, the taste of a man’s ejaculate is something that can relatively easily be worked on. Ejaculate, otherwise known as semen or cum, is a product of his natural scent and composition, but is moderated by his nutrition. So there are... read more

The Irony of Penis Size

Somehow we’ve always held as a supreme truth the notion that the great big penis is best. Women have just accepted this idea because by the time we develop any real knowledge of penises, the men have instilled in us an understanding of their noble wisdom – that bigger is superior. Men have prided and humbled themselves on this belief since time immemorial. Mostly, they have been humbled by false... read more

Finding Indicators of Penis Size

There is a lot of conventional wisdom about the relationship between visible body parts and penis size. More accurately, the notion is that feet, hands or noses suggest the length of the penis, so the astute observer should be able to make the measure before actually diving in and testing the waters. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but this is all a big myth, obviously started by some men with sizeable outer... read more

When Speedy Feels Seedy: Premature Ejaculation

Orgasming too quickly may be something that some women could only dream of “suffering” from, but for a significant proportion of men, it’s a real problem. Premature Ejaculation” is a sexual dysfunction, but the criteria that qualify a man for this condition are quite fluid. Some people measure it in time, or even in strokes; others judge by the level of control. The official... read more

A Spoonful of Semen

There is a lot of confusion over the bonus value of semen in a person’s diet. Actually, that is a nice way of saying, “Give me a good reason why I should swallow and not spit!” Some sources say that semen is packed with calories or bad for you, and yet others claim it is the elixir of good health. We can dispense with the myths by trying to understand why people have an interest in... read more