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Icons of Sexual History – John Harvey Kellogg (1852-1943)

John Harvey Kellogg, the man who invented cornflakes, was actually a medical doctor. He ran the very popular Battle Creek Sanitarium, a sort of a health and diet resort. although much of his practice was based on his religious principals. He was a member of the Seven Day Adventists, a denomination which professes vegetarianism, exercise and abstinence from tobacco and alcohol. After one of his books, The... read more

The Bed In – Make Love Not War

Its 1969 and John Lennon and Yoko Ono launch what is possibly the most famous anti-war campaign to date. As the Vietnam War raged in the East, pacifists were trying everything to let the leaders know that they don’t want this war. This may be the protest that is remembered more than any other. John and Yoko married on 20th March 1969 and chose to spend their honeymoon in bed. Romantic? Perhaps, but... read more

Sexuality from the 80′s to Right Now

1980 Dr Ruth (Westheimer) became a public figure when she went on air as a New York talk show host at age 52 with her radio show Sexually Speaking. The grandmotherly sex therapist became so popular that her show was soon being broadcast across the United States. In 1984 she was given her own TV show “The Dr Ruth Show” which was to run internationally for 450 episodes, until 1988. 1980 The... read more

Sexuality in the 60′s and 70′s

1960 The first modern Pill became available, when “Enovid” was approved by the FDA as an “ovulation-inhibiting agent”. It had severe side effects, since the dosage of estrogen was 3-5 times higher than it is today. This development shocked the conservative and religious establishment. Some believe it may have been a major contributor to the sexual revolution that began around the... read more

Sexuality in the Early 20th Century

1910 Paul Ehrlich discovered Salvarsan, the first effective treatment for Syphilis, based on arsenic. Up until this point the treatment of choice was mercury, which effectively poisoned the patient, being completely toxic. It became the therapy of choice until penicillin was discovered in 1940, and there was finally a cure for this fearful and fatal sexually transmitted disease. 1921 The first epidural... read more

Sexuality in the 19th Century

1802 The Society for the Suppression of Vice was formed in London. Its aims were to control the spread of immorality, and “to preserve the minds of the young from contamination by exposure to the corrupting influence of impure and licentious books, prints, and other publications”. The society continued its work of prosecuting artists and writers and assisting authorities in banning... read more

Sexuality from the Renaissance to 18th Century

1494 The first clearly recorded outbreak of syphilis in Europe occurred in Naples. The most popular theory explaining it, says that syphilis was imported from South America by Christopher Columbus and crew, who in 1492 first reached the Americas. Upon his return, along with these new and dangerous bacteria, probably acquired by raping the native women, Columbus and his crew brought a few other handy items... read more

Sexuality in the Middle Ages

By definition, the Middle Ages was a miserably slow time in the history of sexuality… 1139 The Roman Catholic Church outlawed marriage for its priests, at the historical Second Lateran Council. Not only did it ruin any future plans for Catholic priests to take vows, but it also made all existing priestly marriages null and void. It was not until the 1500′s that the Church enacted celibacy for... read more

Sexuality in Ancient History

3760 BC According to Jewish tradition, Adam and Eve lived in Eden without self-consciousness. After eating from the Tree of Knowledge, they were suddenly made aware of their nakedness and their sexuality and began to cover themselves up with fig leaves. Circa 1550 BC Ancient contraception used in Ancient Egypt was an effective method. Papyrus writings have been discovered, which prove that over 3,500... read more