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Sex Terms Beginning with L

Labia – Lambskin Condom – Latex – Lesbian – Levitra – Libido – Lingam – Lipstick Lesbian – Love – Lubricant – Lubricated Condom – Lust   Labia The inner and outer folds of flesh that surround and protect the entrance of the vagina. The outer labia (labia majora) are fleshier than the thinner inner labia (labia minora). Both sets, especially... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with M

Maidenhead – Masochism – Masturbation – Menage á Trois – Menarche – Menopause – Menstrual Cycle – Menstruation – Multiple Orgasm   Maidenhead The Hymen. It also refers to a female’s virginity, or to someone still being a virgin. Masochism The consensual acceptance of pain as part of a sexual act. Masochism is one of the elements of BDSM. Masturbation... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with N

Natural Family Planning – Natural Membrane Condom – Necrophilia – Nocturnal Emission – Non-Lubricated Condom – Nonoxynol-9 – Nymphomania   Natural Family Planning A method of contraception or pregnancy planning that relies on the use of hormone level indicators. Some women chart their temperature and cervical mucus changes on a daily chart, and thereby identify when... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with O

Oil-Based Lubricant – Onanism – Oral Sex – Orgasm – Orgy – Ovaries – Ovulation     Oil-Based Lubricant A lubricant in which one or other form of oil is the major ingredient (base). Although it is incredibly smooth and some times stay wet almost endlessly, oil can irritate the vaginal tissue and it is dangerous to use with latex condoms, because it wears away the condom... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with P

PAP Smear – Paraphilia – Pearl Necklace – Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) – Penetration – Penis – Perineum – Period – Petit Mort – Petting – Polyamory – PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) – Polyurethane Condom – POG – Pornography – Pre-Cum – Pregnant – Premature Ejaculation – Priapism – Private... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with Q

Queef – Queer – Quickie (oops, we’ve run out of terms beginning with “Q”)     Queef A vaginal fart, usually caused by air being pushed into the vagina during intercourse or sex play. This may happen naturally and there is no danger if the air is allowed to escape but one should never try to initiate this by blowing into the vagina. Queer Homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, intersex or any... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with R

Rape – Red Light District – Reproduction – Reproductive Organs – Rhythm Method – Rimming – Rubber     Rape One kind of sexual abuse involving unconsensual penetration into a woman or man’s body. Rape can be committed by a husband, a friend, an associate, a date or a stranger, but rape statistics show that the vast majority of cases occur between a woman and a man... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with S

 Sadism – Safer Sex – Saliva – Scat – Scrotum – Seduction – Semen – Sex – Sex Surrogate – Sex Toys – Sex Worker – Sexpert – Sexual Abuse – Sexual Desire – Sexual Fluids – Sexual Intercourse – Sexual Orientation – Sexual Pleasure – Sexuality – Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) –... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with T

 Teabagging – Testicles – Threesome – Tits – Tranny – Transsexual – Transvestite – Trichomoniasis     Teabagging A form of oral sex in which a man sits, stands or squats above his partner and then brings his testicles into the partner’s mouth, one at a time or both at the same time, by lowering and dunking. The name Teabagging was given because it has the... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with U

 Urethra – Urethritis – Urophagia – Urophilia - Uterus     Urethra The tube that carries urine from a person’s bladder to the outside of his or her body. For a male, the urethra runs through the penis and ends at the penis tip. Part of this same tube carries semen during ejaculation. For females, the urethra ends just above the vaginal entrance, but this tube is not used for any... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with V

 Vagina – Vaginal Secretions – Vaginal Sex – Vaginismus – Vanilla – Vasectomy - Venereal Disease  - Viagra  - Vibrator  - Virgin  - Voyeurism  -  Vulva   Vagina The passage in a female leading from the uterus to the outside of the body. It is covered with delicate mucus membrane, making it sensitive to sexual stimulation and ideal for mutual sexual pleasure. It also... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with W

 Wank – Water-Based Lubricant – Watersports – Well- Endowed – Wet Dream – Whore – Withdrawal – Womb     Wank A slang term for Masturbate. Water-Based Lubricant A Lubricant in which the main ingredient is water. This is the safestype of lubircation because it is safe for use with Latex condoms and is also the least likely to cause reactions on the skin. Watersports... read more

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