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The A-Z Glossary of Sex Terms

The most extensive, evolving sex glossary out there…   Everyone comes across new terms from time to time that need proper definition. Since we know that we may have missed a lot of terms – anatomical, slang, euphemisms or words borrowed from other languages – we’d be happy to keep filling them in according to your requests. We invite you to contact us and we’ll make... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with A

Abstinence – Adultery – AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) – Anal Sex – Androgyne - Anilingus – Anonymous HIV Test – Anorgasmic – Antibiotics – Anus – Aphrodisiac   Abstinence The active or passive choice to refrain from being sexually active. Some people define abstinence as including penetrative sex only, others include vaginal, anal or... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with B

Bacterial Vaginosis – Bareback – Barrier – BDSM – Bestiality – Bi-Curious – Birth Control – Bisexual - Blueballs – Blowjob – Bondage – Boner – Brothel – Buggery – Butch – Butt Plug – Buttocks Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) A vaginal infection which is painful and causes discharge but is not passed on during sex (not an STD). BV is an... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with C

Caress – Castrate- Casual Contact – Celibate – Cervix – Chancre – Chastity – Chlamydia – Cialis – Circumcised – Clap – Clean – Climax – Clitoris – Cock – Cock Ring – Coitus – Coitus Interuptus – Come – Come Out of the Closet – Condom – Confidential Testing – Contraception –... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with D

Deep Throat – Deflower – Dental Dam – Desire – Diaphragm – Dick – Dildo – Discharge – Docking – Doggy Style – Dominatrix – Double Penetration – Douching – Drag King – Drag Queen   Deep Throat Oral sex on a man (Fellatio) in which the mouth is positioned to allow the penis to enter deeply, up to and into the throat. It may... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with E

Ectopic Pregnancy – ED – Egg – Ejaculation – Embryo – Enema – Erectile Dysfunction – Erection – Erotic – Erotica     Ectopic Pregnancy Pregnancy that happens outside the uterus, such as pregnancy occurring in the fallopian tube. It is dangerous and can cause infertility if not terminated and cleared out as soon as possible. An ectopic pregnancy causes... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with F

Fantasy – Feces – Felching – Fellatio – Female Condom – Female Ejaculation – Femidom – Fertile – Fertilization – Fetish – Fingering – Fisting – Flaccid – Fondle – Foreskin – Four Letter Words – French Kissing – Frigid – Frottage – Fuck   Fantasy A dream or scenario that someone comes up with because it... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with G

G-Spot – Gay – Gender – Genital Herpes – Genitals – Give Head – Glans – Go Down – Golden Shower – Gonorrhea – Groin     G-Spot Named after its discoverer, Dr. Grafenberg, this is an area in the upper wall of the vagina supposed to be especially pleasurable when stimulated. A reignited obsession with the G-spot since the 1980′s has... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with H

Hand Job – Hard – Hard On – Hardcore – Hepatitis B – Hermaphrodite – Heterosexual – Herpes – HIV (Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus) – Homosexual – Hormones – Horny – Hymen Hand Job Stimulation of a man’s penis using a hand or both hands. It can be done by the person themselves or by another party. Also called Masturbating someone.... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with I

Impotence – Intercourse – Intersex – Italian Method – IUD (Intrauterine Device) – IUS (Intrauterine System)     Impotence The inability of a man to get an erection when he is sexually stimulated, or to sustain an erection long enough to penetrate a partner and/or reach orgasm. It affects men of all ages but becomes more common as men grow older. There are a wide variety of... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with J

Jacking Off – Jerking Off – Jilling Off – Juice (oops, we’ve run out of terms beginning with “J”)     Jacking Off A slang expression for male masturbating. Jerking Off A slang expression for male masturbating. Jilling Off A slang expression for female masturbating, taken from the term Jacking Off. Juice A slang expression for a woman’s vaginal lubrication that usually, but... read more

Sex Terms Beginning with K

Kegel Exercises – Kinky – Kiss – KY Jelly (oops, we’ve run out of terms beginning with “K”)     Kegel Exercises Contraction and relaxation exercises done to build up the strength and tone of the pelvic floor muscle. Not only do they protect a woman from incontinence in later life when her pelvic muscles get weaker, but they also help during childbirth and also during sex, where... read more

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