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Virginity: What’s the Deal?

In cultures around the globe, virginity in females has been mostly prized, and kept it in check with various social codes, from high “marriage price” to honour killing. There are still countries where virginity testing is a routine part of the deal before families agree on a marriage. A very popular virginity measure throughout history has been bleeding after the first intercourse, but we now... read more

Girl, Get Thee to a Gynecologist

Ladies, we have very sophisticated reproductive systems and whether they are in procreative mode or not, they have got to be well kept-up. That translates to at least 1 gynecological visit a year. We need regular checkups from early adolescence and for as long as we have reproductive organs. Even after menopause, gynecologists are the only ones that know how to check up those parts where no other... read more

The Low-Down-Deep on the Cervix

Most women have little interest in little parts of their body that no-one except their gynecologist ever sees, until something goes wrong. But considering the cervix is involved in some of the best and some of the worst functions of our bodies, and it is constantly sending us newsflashes about our fertility, our sexuality and our health, it’s a good idea to get a bit better acquainted. The cervix is... read more

The G-Spot Trot

Has all the hype about the G-Spot left you feeling like you haven’t been invited to the party of the decade? Well you are not alone. It`s not the only party in town, but it certainly is getting a lot of coverage. If you are wondering if you have a G-Spot, the answer is yes. It is a place on the upper wall of the vagina, where the vaginal wall runs alongside the urethral sponge. The what? The urethral... read more

How Good is Vaginal Juice?

Trying to define the taste and benefits of a woman’s juices is not so different from trying to characterize and qualify apple juice. It depends on what apples you use, how you serve it and, in the end, if you like the eating apples. By vaginal juice, we refer to the secretion created in the vagina when a woman is sexually aroused. It is also known as vaginal lubrication, love juice and drops of Jupiter.... read more

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