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Water Orgasms

  Long before Freud told us that external orgasms were immature, women had figured out that powerful water streams could be directed straight onto the clitoris and give them a fabulous feeling, sometimes even an orgasm or twenty. The best part of water power is how it could be done in a public pool without anyone being the wiser. Bubbles make noise and motion and they can camouflage the shaky legs... read more

Sexy Lessons from 80′s Music

Or, Everything You Need to Know About Pleasing a Woman was sung in 1980-81 Sometimes great advice comes in the oddest of ways. Great advice on sex comes in even stranger forms. But when the wisdom comes in the form of pop music, one should be more than a bit skeptical. Taking your love and sex advice from MTV is not to be advised, but every now and then, even that rule must be broken. Remember way back in... read more

Oh My Goddess! Which Type are You in Bed?

Six goddesses are told of in Greek Mythology. They are fighters, mothers, virgins, protectors, providers. Between them they cover many of the attributes that complement and conflict our personalities. They may belong to an ancient culture, but they have been reinvented as representatives of the most basic contemporary female ambitions and demons. How can these goddesses be of service to us? They are not... read more

What is Female Orgasmic Disorder?

Female Orgasmic Disorder. Anorgasmia. Pre-orgasmia. Depending on whom you ask about it, your answers will vary like the range of orgasms themselves. The pharmaceutical companies, notably those who are currently testing compounds promising to have every woman horny on cue, will say that Female Orgasmic Disorder is a common and harrowing reality. Feminists will say it is an invention to make women feel... read more

Enjoying Sex as a Big Woman

Elaine is a “fat” female actor, who complains that she is never asked to act out sex scenes. Even though her work is highly respected, and she is often given lead roles, she claims that the audience has been taught that sex with a fat woman is not aesthetic and therefore she is prevented from getting expressly sexual on screen. At best, Elaine is allowed to appear in bed in an... read more

6 Reasons Why Yoga Will Spruce Up Your Sex Life

1. Muscle Strength Yoga positions use the body’s own weight to isolate, stretch and strengthen muscles all over the body. A stronger and more confident body can enjoy more creative sexual positions. You can change positions when you want to, and not only when you feel too weak to support your (or your partner’s) weight. 2. Flexibility Have you read the Kama Sutra? Say no more. 3. Stress Control We all... read more

Scent of a Woman

“Legs. I don’t care if they’re Greek columns, or second-hand Steinways, but what’s between them… passport to heaven”. (Al Pacino as Lt. Col. Frank Slade, Scent of a Woman, 1992). Every woman has a signature scent. It’s her own unique perfume produced by the healthy flora (bacteria) that live in her reproductive zone and keep her system in balance. Just to clarify,... read more

Why Would You Need a Designer Vagina?

We all know that feeling of being down on ourselves. Those blue-blue days when you know that a little external help is what it will take to make you feel like yourself again. So what is on the remedy list: Chocolate-fudge ice-cream? Shoes you really can’t afford? Labiaplasty? I’m not sure when the world went mad and our bodies became something of a Lego set, that we compile according to... read more

Exposing Female Ejaculation

Many doctors and researchers have blown it off as a myth, but the fact is that women can ejaculate. Although the jury is still out on some of the details of female ejaculation, we know that it occurs spontaneously in certain women and some of the others can learn to do it. Unlike male ejaculation, it is not a basic part of the act, but rather one form of sexual pleasure. Ejaculation occurs before, during... read more

Regal Kegels

There are three great reasons to do Kegel exercises: sex and two others. Seriously, Kegels are not only beneficial to your health and sex life, they are also easy to do anywhere, anytime and without anyone knowing. By the way, the other two good reasons are that they are important muscles which assist during and after childbirth, and they are really important in later life to prevent loosing control of... read more

Finding Your Multiple Orgasm

Multiple orgasms are not a rare quality that the gods bestowed upon a few random women. They are also not a Hollywood conspiracy to make all women feel inadequate (there are plenty such conspiracies, but this isn’t one of them). Multiple orgasms are women’s trophy for absolute indulgence in our sexuality. Unlike men, women are designed for multiple orgasm. To explain what the great MO is,... read more

Finding Your Orgasm

It is surprisingly common how many women do not experience orgasm. If you are having sex without orgasm, maybe you are satisfied and that is good enough for us. But there are many women who never speak up about the frustration they feel at not being sufficiently aroused, or at being aroused, but just not getting where they feel they should be. It can make sex uninteresting and worse, it sometimes leads... read more

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