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Contraception Efficiency Chart

Choosing the right method of contraception for you is not about numbers, it involves recognizing the reality of your circumstances and behaviour. Some contraceptives involve active use every day (the pill) or every time you have sex (male condom, female condom, other barrier methods). These methods can be safe, but they demand perfect use to maximize their potential. With pills, for example, this means... read more

Selecting the Best Contraceptive For You After Childbirth

It takes every women a different amount of time to feel ready to get back in the saddle, as it were, after giving birth, in order to return into the activity that got it all started. With all the worries that are naturally raised, like discomfort or even pain, and different sensations for him and her, there is no place for extra worries about contraception. Because there is some confusion about how... read more

The 72-Hour Grace Pill

The so-called “Morning-After Pill” or “Plan B” is the most misunderstood form of contraception. This brilliant addition to our safer-sex treasure chest is really important to be familiar with, because mistakes do happen, even to the most prepared people. The name “Morning-After Pill” has become this pills biggest problem. It’s a catchy name, but it leaves many potential... read more

Managing to Take a Home Pregnancy Test

Reading the rules of a home pregnancy kit, once you have it in hand, is a real killjoy, but it has to be done. You may have to read them twice or three times before you understand that you’re holding the leaflet upside-down, but despite your nerves, take those few minutes to figure out what needs to be done, from start to finish. Otherwise you might just be wasting the kit. Here are the preparatory... read more

Controlling Fertility Naturally Without Hormones

There are all kinds of natural methods of contraception, but it is crucial to differentiate between those natural ways that are ineffective and natural ways that have been scientifically validated. The reasons that women cannot rely on the simplistic natural methods (which include the Rhythm Method and Withdrawal) is that most women do not have a clock-like cycle; menstrual cycles are disrupted by stress,... read more

The Lore of Home Pregnancy Testing

We all know that scene from the movies or TV dramas where the heroine rushes into a pharmacy and throws every home pregnancy kit into her basket before rushing home to do twenty tests. When you find yourself the heroine in your own scene, it is often just as nerve-wrecking, but let’s face it, there are just so many tests one woman can do before she runs out of money, time and urine. Pregnancy tests are... read more

The Pill and Your Sex Drive

The pill is the contraceptive that we love to hate. On the one hand it is female controlled and very easy to manage, which is something that women could only have dreamed of for centuries. The sheer numbers of women around the world who are able to control their fertility and enjoy the fact that it is still the most reliable contraceptive available, attests to it still being the best available option out... read more

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sides of the Pill

Arguments for and against the safety of oral contraceptive pills are as old as the pill itself. What cannot be argued with is the fact that it is the most effective reversible method of keeping you from getting pregnant. So does the pill deserve the status of possibly the most popular medication in history? Most side effects of the pill are not dangerous to your health. The common ones include nausea,... read more