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Autism and Sexuality

Autism is a spectrum of conditions that affect communication, sensation and sometimes other developmental abilities. What characterizes autism most of all is the lack of understanding that outsiders have for people on the autism spectrum, simply because individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) either cannot or appear not to want to express their will, their needs, their thoughts and their... read more

Now There are Demisexuals Too

In a world that loves putting people in boxes, the newest definition on the sexual spectrum is Demisexual. For those who do not update their sexual jargon regularly, this refers to a breakaway from the asexuals. This group consists of people who experience feeling no sexual attraction to other people, until such time as a profound emotional or romantic relationship develops between them. This differs from... read more

The Power of Porn in Sex Education

Porn is to sex education what illness is to doctors: it gives us endlessly more work to do. But it is so much more. It is the blasphemy that everyone speaks, the diet that everyone breaks. It is an example of what sex is NOT, but from which I can launch my real sex crusade. Everyone, with very few exceptions, has consumed pornography and that is understandable: we’re intrinsically curious in our... read more

Toy Therapy: Taking Sex Toys to the Next Level

It was difficult enough for Lana to make the appointment. She had been denying she had sexual problems for as long as she could. With her relationship in danger of becoming calcified in a sexless state, as she put it, she could not afford to keep telling herself and her partner that her desire would return when the she got more sleep, when her boss retired or when summer came and she could lose the extra... read more

For Novelty Use Only

Anyone whose had the patience, or perhaps the restraint, to read the small print on a vibrator or sex toy container, will very likely have come across the phrase “Sold as novelty only” or something to that effect. Subtly inserted at the bottom somewhere, after the superlative description of said product’s abilities to send your body into hyperspace, these sub-sized words seem oddly misplaced. So why... read more

Sexual Wisdom – Quote by Gina Ogden

The truth is, our sexual energy is always with us, whether or not we choose to act on it in a genital way. It’s not just about intercourse and orgasm. It’s about receptiveness and movement. It’s about our most profound emotions and how we reach out to touch others. It’s about how we think and feel and love. It affects every aspect of our lives and it’s potentially there until we cease to inhabit this... read more

Swinging: The Sexual Way of Having Your Cake and Eating It

No, this isn’t childs’ play but it has been known to bring on a few giggles and quite a lot of fun. Swinging is the practice of enjoying sexuality as a couple, with other couples. It is certainly outside of the box for most stable couples, some will even call it morally depraved, but it is not a loose and fancy-free occurrence. Swinging is actually a lifestyle with a definite order and set of... read more

Sex and the Planet

If you can’t go green for the good of our poor, scorched earth and because the future demands it, could you go green because green is dead sexy and healthy is damn hot? Our bodies, homes and communities will give you a whole lot of reasons to act eco-sexy, and here are just a few: Do It in the Dark Call yourself an environmentalist and then you actually get credit for turning off the lights. If you... read more

Water Orgasms

  Long before Freud told us that external orgasms were immature, women had figured out that powerful water streams could be directed straight onto the clitoris and give them a fabulous feeling, sometimes even an orgasm or twenty. The best part of water power is how it could be done in a public pool without anyone being the wiser. Bubbles make noise and motion and they can camouflage the shaky legs... read more

Sex Education Against Complacency

It is bitter irony that HIV/AIDS ushered in the opportunity to wake up sex education and turn it into something debated at the highest levels. It is one of the biggest losses for sex education that we seem to be losing the battle when it comes to sustaining the momentum of safe sex over time. What constitutes a sex education failure? A failure is when HIV rates are down because of HIV tests, but other... read more

Genital Herpes and Why Condoms Are not Enough

Herpes is the ammunition many of the abstinence-only advocates and sex-unfriendly preachers use when trying to explain why condoms are not the answer. They are in general very much mistaken, but when it comes to herpes*, there is something to be noted about condom use. Condoms are well studied and proven to offer a very high level of protection for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) transferred in... read more

Vestibulitis: A Visual Diary

“I have been living with secondary vestibulitis for a few years (and and few other related pain conditions) and really bent over backwards to salvage my sexuality.” This is the story of Arashi, visual artist, writer and sex-positive vestibulitis patient and her surgical choice to heal her condition. Watch here as her story unfolds, from the weeks before her surgery to heal her vestibulitis, until a year... read more

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