Can You Change the Taste of Ejaculate?

Everyman has his signature taste. It is that taste that his partner either enjoys, endures or avoids like the plague. But unlike his bad handwriting or sports obsessions, the taste of a man’s ejaculate is something that can relatively easily be worked on.

Ejaculate, otherwise known as semen or cum, is a product of his natural scent and composition, but is moderated by his nutrition. So there are some factors that are here to stay, while there are other factors that are yours for the adapting and concocting.

It is a most basic fact of sexuality that a person’s scent is intrinsically theirs. Their scent is a very big part of what attracts you to them, or does just the opposite, even when all else tells you otherwise. Just as a man’s scent is something that comes from deep inside and will not be changed by external aromas, so the taste of his semen is flavoured by him and only him.

The personal flavour doesn’t mean that tastes can be as diverse as a take-away menu, because the basic components of semen are similar tasting: savoury and tangy. But it is the many versions of this, mixed with the preferences of the recipient of the mouthful that makes this subject that is both complex and important to break down.

The reason that the taste of ejaculate is still up for discussion, is that even though the basics of smell and taste are there to stay, there is much that can be done about spicing up or sweetening its taste. There are even two techniques – the long way and the quick way. The long way involves changing lifestyle habits, but the changes are more sustainable that those of the short cut.

The Quickie

Quick fixes to semen taste involve eating substances that cover up the heavy, salty taste by adding sweetness. The most popular substance for this is pineapple. Either eaten or drunk, pineapple juice can make a slight impression if you have enough of it (this maybe easier to find in the tropics than the colder zones, but some situations justify the effort).

There are other fruits, vegetables and spices listed on the quickie list, such as wheatgrass, celery and mango. See the full list

A more recent form of a quickie is the supplements available on the market that are meant to do the job by providing a concentration of the sweetening products in an easy to prepare cocktail (see Semenex). Some of these products are better than others, but in the long run, it is difficult and expensive to sustain their use; their value may lie in acknowledging the possibility of shaking things up, as it were.

The Long Haul – Change that Sticks!

Food that is ingested will effect your body for 12-24 hours. This is true for “bad foods”, the ones that create strong, pungent smells and tastes, as well as good ones. This means that whatever tropical fruits you overdose on, will only be helpful over the next day and possibly for whatever semen was being replaced (after ejaculation) during this this time.

Men who would like to have more palatable sperm available on tap, need to consider a lifestyle overhaul. Aside from becoming vegetarian, most of those good habits that are good for your heart and general health, are also great for your lover’s taste buds. This means:

    • Drink lots of water
    • Reduce red meat consumption
    • Reduce dairy consumption
    • Clean your body of nicotine, caffeine and alcohol
    • Exercise to propel the body and clean out toxins
    • Enjoy a rich, invested sex life

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