Bring on Women’s Day

How could Women’s Day not be my favourite day of the year. It celebrates me without aging me, having me cook something special or purchase something for the purpose.

International Women’s Day is a two-pronged wand. It spreads its stardust both on those great women who have broken through their glass ceilings as well as offering encouragement to women and girls who want to go places, to go for it.

Even if it has a naïve flavour to it, like 1970′s feminism, Women’s Day makes us feel like we can do it all, it tells young women they can be Angela Merkel, Sheryl Sandberg or Lady Gaga. Even if we know we probably can’t, or don’t want to, its nice to be able to believe, “I choose not to”.

They usurped Mother’s Day, they turned Valentine’s Day into a consumerist fraud, so let’s revel in this female-centric festivity, ending the day feeling better about being a woman in 2012. If you cannot attend one of the thousands of international feel-good events, then buy yourself some fair trade coffee or chocolate and indulge, secure in the knowledge that you are treating yourself without hurting another woman or her children in another part of the planet.

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