Bree Olson Kitten with a Whip Review

If getting spanky and bossy is your cup of tea, the ‘Kitten with a Whip’ set is a cute and girly way to get into it. As such, it may be a nice way to introduce this kind of kinky play to yourself or to a novice partner. But don’t be fooled by the dainty detail and the sexy corset look, the whip really works, maybe a bit too well. So take it easy.

The set is made of two beautifully decorated matching pieces – a whip and a blindfold. The prettiness of the duo may be something that offsets the harshness of a first-timers’ S&M set and might therefore be a great gift for the woman who may not know that she could handle owning such a playset.

But it is less suitable to the serious BDSM-er, because it is not as tough as it looks. The materials are synthetic, making then far more affordable than real leather and lace, but also less durable. I, however, am often a fan of the affordable (a.k.a. cheap and breakable) when you are testing out the waters, because lots of expensive toys are no better than cheapos when they lie around collecting dust, because you played with them once as a novelty and moved right along. Just don’t expect the delicate decoration to stay in place if you use this set well. It will fall apart like a whiny submissive.


    • Fake leather, faux lace and satin, tied with string
    • Two part set: a blindfold and a whip
    • Comes in black with lavender and silver detail
    • Designed for kinky sex play
    • Corset style
    • Length of whip: 400mm (16″)
    • Length of blindfold: 185mm (7.25″)



    • Attractive look
    • Luxurious feel
    • Non-threatening introductory set
    • Base provides comfortable grip
    • Relatively inexpensive



    • Not hardy enough for constant use
    • Strings can easily come undone
    • Not easy to clean
    • Whip may be too harsh for starters
    • Faux lace may be scratchy
    • Porn endorsement may be off-putting for some women


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