Breast Examination

Some women’s health professionals still recommend that women should do their own breast exams every month, whereas others have been convinced by various studies that self-exams have no real benefit. What is important to say is that all women should get to know their own breasts, by looking and feeling them regularly. You should be aware that lumps appear naturally before a women’s period due to all those lovable hormones, especially estrogen, which may also cause sensitivity and textural changes in some women at various points during their cycle.

Whether you self examine or not, you still need to have a professional examine the girls once a year. Your gynecologist is a good source, but some gynecologists don’t include this in their general check-up. If you are willing to make another appointment with a breast surgeon, this is the best option. For women with a family history of breast cancer, it is probably something that should be done in addition to a gynecological check.

A breast exam should take just a few minutes, and should include an examination of the nipple, breast tissue and lymph nodes (under the arm-pit), one side at a time.

A good 5-step explanation of a breast self-exam with diagrams is available at

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