Berman Center Lila Vibrating Bullet Review

Dinah give it 2 stars


Berman’s bullet comes with a hand-held controller attached by a cord. The best part of this vibrator is the slip-proof controller which is designed to sit comfortably in the hand, but right-handed folks only. Lefties, this would be particularly uncomfortable. The bullet itself is nothing to write home about, in fact, its nothing to stay home for.

The bullet is plastic, covered with a rubber layer. The vibrations it produces are harsh feeling, which is far from natural, and some women will be put off vibrators when they feel that kind of buzz. The good news is that not all vibrators do that to you; keep trying.

The bullet is an apt choice for a woman who knows she likes a very strong buzz and nothing but a very strong buzz. Although there are two different vibration settings, there is neither weak nor medium; all that comes out of this little bullet is strong and stronger! It makes it unsuitable for vibrator newcomers who should begin with either a weaker vibrator, or better yet one with a real range of speeds, in order to decide what she prefers.

One of the advantages of small vibes is that they are usually quieter than their bigger buddies, but not the Lila. As placid as the name is, this bullet turns into a construction site when the buzzing begins. And, frankly, some of the construction site yells are quieter than this. Not sexy.

Although the Berman Center produces a series of vibrators and sex aids that are nicely wrapped and marketed, the product itself is a disappointment. It is cheap material, dressed up well.


    • Small vibrator
    • Rubber-coated bullet
    • Ergonomically-shaped controller
    • Light purple coloured
    • Designed for clitoral stimulation
    • Waterproof
    • Two vibration speeds
    • Bullet length: 60 mm (2.25”)
    • Uses 2 AA batteries


    • Powerful
    • Attractive controller design (for right-handed only)
    • Easy to clean
    • Inexpensive


    • Noisy
    • Harsh vibrations
    • No low speed
    • As with most bullets, cord can be irritating
    • Not durable
    • Controller design is not suited to left-handed use

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