Ben Wa Duotone Balls

This set of balls is a development of the small Ben Wa balls. They are larger and lighter, so that for most women they will sit comfortably in the vagina, being inserted without much effort, and they should stay in place for a while, even when in motion. They can also be applied with lubricant to help them slip in easily, but a woman with tight vaginal muscles should not use these as a dilator (a technique to stretch the vagina if it is too tight for sex) because their shape is not suited for this.

The idea here is to insert them, get dressed and go out on your daily business. They are well behaved in their resting position, but as soon as you move, the weight inside each ball will get giggling and create a mechanical vibration in the vagina. No one except you will know that its there and no-one will hear a thing.

Since most women to not respond strongly to vaginal vibrations, it is unlikely that the feeling will bring on an orgasm midway down the stairwell. But it does offer a very interesting sensation, not to mention the thrill factor of going about your daily work with a little secret under your pants.

Another useful application is to masturbate or be clitorally stimulated with the balls in place. This will produce the stronger effect of the vaginal contractions that occur when you orgasm.


  •  Two plastic balls attached by a string
  •  One size
  •  Contains internal weights
  •  Diameter of each ball: 32mm (1.25″)



  •  Easily inserted and removed
  •  Does not use batteries or other power
  •  Relatively inexpensive



  •  The one-size can limit their use to women who are not still stretched from childbirth
  •  There is practically no sensation without movement
  •  If they slip out of place, they become very uncomfortable


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