Bathroom Sex-chosis

Can a non-American weight in on the madness of the seemingly endless witch hunt of transgender people via the bloody toilets? Is it not true that we sometimes refer to them as restrooms? So give it a rest!

Here is the simple truth about public bathrooms. Sometimes they are clean and many more times they are dirtier than we would choose to have them. Sometimes they are safe and other times their private cubicles provide opportunity for uninvited intrusion. Abuse in public facilities can happen to any gender, by any gender. Thinking that transgender people increase the risk of abuse, by using the appropriate toilets for their needs, is slanderous, factually inaccurate and blind-sighted by bigotry and fear.

What the leaders of this new trend probably intend to do is to create terrible conditions in our society for transgender people so that they can be motivated to stay in their closet-cave forever. What they may be doing, in reality, is allowing the transgender community the stay on which to introduce themselves to the world, teach future transgenders that there is a way and there is a community. And they are showing the world that in some parts of the United States, scarlet letters are as fashionable as in the mid-17th century.

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