Bathroom Sex-chosis

Can a non-American weight in on the madness of the seemingly endless witch hunt of transgender people via the bloody toilets? Is it not true that we sometimes refer to them as restrooms? So give it a rest! Here is the simple truth about public bathrooms. Sometimes they are clean and many more times they are dirtier than we would choose to have them. Sometimes they are safe and other times their private... read more

Why May is the Happiest Month

If you’ve been moving in the right circles, you may have heard that May is International Masturbation Month. The right circles, in this case, would be among really sex-positive folks. The more modest version of this self-service establishment would be (Inter-)National Masturbation Day, but let’s be honest – once a year is a bit measly. This got me thinking… who were the committee... read more

Vibrator Goes Beyond the Call of Duty

We ‘re all for taking that mirror and studying our girlie parts. It’s ours for the knowledge, and nothing new (bless you, Betty Dodson). And then came the Svakom. Sounds like something you’d pick up from Ikea but it’s actually straight out of China. This new idea in vibrators adds a camera into your insertible vibrator for the purpose of…. actually I have no idea. While I... read more

Autism and Sexuality

Autism is a spectrum of conditions that affect communication, sensation and sometimes other developmental abilities. What characterizes autism most of all is the lack of understanding that outsiders have for people on the autism spectrum, simply because individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) either cannot or appear not to want to express their will, their needs, their thoughts and their... read more

Female Sexual Dysfunction in 200 Words

If it’s true that 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction, then we have a huge problem and apparently no solution. However,  if this statistic was misleadingly achieved in a single study from 1999, and is constantly rehashed so that we can pathologise our normal sexual responses, then that’s a whole other story. A recent movement called Even the Score has been espousing the notion that we... read more

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