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I have been sexually active for about 2 months and when I lost my virginity it was sore and felt quite tight for my partner. My partner is quite well endowed and it took a few attempts before we could break my hymen as it was quite tough. Now always on entry, despite plenty of foreplay, it feels sore and he says it feels tight, but once we get into thrusting it suddenly gets really loose and wet. He gets a lot of pleasure from it but for me most of the time it goes from soreness ( it's never been excruciating) to no/little sensation. Sometimes it feels good, but not very often. It helps if I tighten my pc muscles during, but I find I am spending a lot of time thinking about it and not relaxing fully and letting go. My partner is very understanding and we are open with each other about sex but it's frustrating that after two months i'm still not getting a lot from intercourse and it's knocking my confidence.

Dinah answers: Its good that you have such awareness of your body and the tension that sex creates for you. From what you describe, you may have a thick hymen that is not completely torn. If this is the case, a gynecologist could take care of it very easily by cutting it away. This is a very simple procedure, certainly less painful that tearing it during intercourse, and does not need surgery. Once it was cut away, there should be no pain. The problem with situations like these is that you put up with pain and discomfort for a while hoping for it to get better, but in fact your body could learn to clench up, leading to tightness and more pain. This is called vaginismus. In any case I would not try to figure it out for myself, if I were you. Visit a gynecologist and let her or him figure out what the problem is. It could save you problems in the future and give you the pleasure that you deserve.

I'm in 10 months relationship with my girlfriend. We have been trying to have sex since July because she's very tense, every time, I tried to insert my penis into her vagina, she got really tense and hit my back, then I lost my erection because I could not insert mine into her. She doesn't agree with me about starting to finger her with my one finger then try two then three to expand her vagina so I can insert my penis into her vagina easily because she feels that my penis is too big and thick for her, also I am uncircumcised . Last time she had sex was 4 years ago (two times for her) and for me 5 years (4 times for me). I used to masturbate lot like 4 times a week before I start to date her. Also, my girlfriend got pills from her doctor which is performance anxiety. Any advices you have for me?

Dinah answers: You deserve a lot of credit for your patience. You may need to have some more patience, because your girlfriend may have vaginismus. This does not mean that both of you cannot orgasm, it just means you need to go really slowly and not to keep trying what you have been doing, but take a few steps back. You are correct about trying one finger, then two then three. That is the right concept, but if she is really tensed up from such a long time of trying, even a finger may be intimidating for her. You need to get hold of a water-based lubricant and try inserting your baby finger. Let her know that you will not go further until she feels comfortable. Then build up as slowly as necessary. She can also use dilators, which are insertible objects that increase in size very gradually, if she feels better doing it alone, or she could do both. Meanwhile you should continue to share other forms of intimacy and if she is okay with it, try to stimulate her clitorally and let her give you handjobs. You do not have to stop masturbating just because you have a girlfriend, in fact, in may take a lot of the strain off if you masturbate either with her or alone.

Hi, I'm 15 and I lost my virginity a few months ago. Ever since it happened and whenever I had to use the bathroom, I just couldn't hold it very long. sometimes I would make it but there would always be a leak. Today, when I got home, I had to let it go before I got to open the door and this is the second time. Sometimes I like holding it in because it's like a fetish for me in a way. Does this mean I have a bladder problem or I should be taking medicine for it??

Dinah answers: This is possibly a sign of weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, triggered by having intercourse. You should visit a gynecologist, or a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor muscles. I would recommend seeing a gynecologist anyway, because its good to be examined after around the time that you start having sex, you can also discuss contraception and any other questions you may have. I wouldn’t ignore this because it could continue and get worse. Having the inability to control your bladder can really effect your quality of life. You may be told that exercises are enough to fix the problem, maybe you will need a few stitches or some other help.

I'm a virgin and my vagina make farting noise when I stand up. It's embarrassing and it is completely uncontrollable. why does this happen and how can I stop it? does it mean I'm not virgin?

Dinah answers: The farting noises are caused by air that enters the vagina. It happens to some women when they have intercourse because the man enters and exits repeatedly, so that air is pushed in. Maybe you are doing something to introduce air or maybe it is simply related to the shape of your vagina. It might be related to the amount of wetness in the vulva area. I would recommend that you start by wearing cotton underwear only, to allow the vulva to breathe as much as possible. Stay away from any sort of panty line. If necessary change underwear 2-3 times a day, which is no big deal. If possible sleep without underwear. If this doesn’t help, let a gynecologist give you a checkup to see if there is some reason for this: perhaps an infection that is causing discharge. It is not so uncommon, a lot of women experience it at some time or another. There is absolutely no relationship between vaginal farts and virginity.

Well i've realised that i dont have a hymen, it seems like its been moved or i just never had any but i've never had sex. I'd just like to know when have sex for the first time if it would be painful or i wouldn't feel anything at all considering i dont have any hymen an would i be loose?

Dinah answers: The chances are that your hymen is there and, like most young woman, you are unable to feel it or locate it yourself. Otherwise you may have torn it doing some kind of riding or intense leg-stretching exercise, without knowing. In any case, it is not the tearing of the hymen that causes the bulk of the discomfort, pain or awkwardness of first time sex, but rather the stretching of your vagina. The tightness of the vagina does not change in anyway because of the hymen, but because it is stretched by a large object entering an unstretched channel.

I am a 15 year old girl I am a virgin and I always get really wet down bellow! It annoys me cause it feel like I'm on my menstrual cycle but I'm not. I'm really wet when i am just doing nothing! Why am i so wet???

Dinah answers: Wetness is usually a sign of sexual arousal. Often females don’t make the connection between arousing thoughts / sights and the response that their body has. Try to pay attention if this could be the cause. If so, there is nothing to worry about, it is healthy and not too messy and such wetness will come in handy when you are ready to have sex one day. Another possibility is that you could have one of various infections or imbalances in the vagina. You hear a lot about discharge caused by sexually transmitted infections, but there are various forms of discharge caused by imbalances which occur without sex. You should visit a gynecologist for a check up if there is any itching or burning because this could mean a yeast infection or bacterial infection and if this is the case, it is important to know what is causing it so you can know how to fight it off. Women with discharge tend to use panty liners to “keep dry” but I believe that often this just makes the problem worse by not allowing your vagina to “breathe” and clean itself out. In my opinion underwear is meant to keep you dry and its better to change underwear more often than stifle your vulva with plastic.

I am 24 and i am a hypo thyroid patient, was diagnosed with it early this year and have been on medication since.. but my period have become irregular. My gynecologist had put me on Femilon for 3 months and then i got my periods, my medication stopped in July for femilon, i was to see if i get my period in august but did not get. Then 10 days a ago my doc gave me another medicine to have for 5 days, then i should have got my period but still havent, i took a HPT but it came out negative.. i am really confused not, please suggest.

Dinah answers: Functionality of the thyroid is integrally related to hormones that affect fertility, and that means your period and beyond. But taking a contraceptive pill (Femilon, in this case) doesn’t actually “fix” your period or your fertility imbalance, it merely gives you breakthrough bleeding, which is the non-ovulation bleeding that hormonal contraceptives give you. Your thyroid problems would better be treated by an endocrinologist. You will more likely find that when you regulate the thyroid, your period works itself out. Gynecologists sometimes (too often) give women contraceptive pills which hide the symptoms of a disorder but don’t treat the underlying problem. Endocrynologists, on the other hand, are experts in hormones. You can discuss with an endo what form of contraceptive is best for you, if you are in need of contraception. You should check up if taking hormones is indeed good for you, especially if they decide to give you some other medication for the thyroid. Please, don’t ignore a thyroid problem; it can make you really sick and can really affect your well-being.

I want to now if you have unprotected sex with your boyfriend and he cheated on you will that also cause your menstrual cycle to change??

Dinah answers: I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that the reason your period is late is due to his cheating, when you have a perfectly obvious other reason – unsafe sex! While stress of not trusting a partner can be a possible trigger to making some changes in timing, I think it is more important now to check out if you may be pregnant, but remember that checking too early can give you an inaccurate answer. Read more about doing a home pregnancy test . Once you know what is going on with that, start dealing with your boyfriend’s cheating and ask yourself why, under these circumstances especially, you are allowing yourself to have unprotected sex. It may be worth testing for STDs while you’re at it.

I haven't had my period for about a year now.. I thought its because I lost about 8 kilos about 5 months ago and heard its hard for skinny girls to get pregnant. I've been to the doctors cos I was extremely worried I couldn't have kids. But my doctor done some tests like an ultra-sound and blood tests and everything came back perfectly normal...I haven't been on the pill for about a year and not taking any precautions during sex. I weight about 42 kilos now but recently I'm slowly starting to put a tiny bit of weight now (I weight about 43.8 now) and noticed my nipples are sensitive to touch and little bumps on the areola appeared for like one day or two and disappeared... I had a pregnancy test last week and it came back negative but I'm not sure if I did it at the right time seeing as I haven't had my period in soooo long I've forgotten when the time in the month would be. I'm realllly frustrated and worried please give me some answers!!!

Dinah answers: You haven’t mentioned what your height is, so I cannot know if 42 or 43 kilos is really as low as it sounds, but if you are very underweight and your fat percentage is very low, you will be likely to lose your period and not be fertile. It is good that you are putting on weight, I hope that you are doing it healthily. Try consulting with a nutritionist to learn what your ideal weight zone is, and once you approach this, your period could well return. If is does not, If you haven’t had a regular period in so long, you are taking a huge chance by not using any protection, that is if you aren’t open to getting pregnant. Ovulation always happens before you get your period, so unless you are checking your temperature and changes in your cervical discharge, you cannot know when you are actually fertile. Having said all this, skinniness is not a foolproof method of contraception. Some women on the verge of anorexia manage to conceive and others who are just slightly underweight need the weight gain to improve their chances. You cannot know which kind you are, so just be safe. I suggest that you stay away from any hormonal-based contraceptive , at least until you recover and stabilize your period.

There is this white jiggly like discharge at the entrance of my vagina, and it hurts to try and clean it out it doesn't move. it won't go away.

Dinah answers: You need to visit a doctor who can check out what you have. It may be something you caught sexually, in which case you must know in order to cure or to avoid further spread to other partners. It may also be a sore which isn’t sexually transmitted. In any case, rather let a qualified health professional clean it out or medicate it appropriately, so that you don’t cause any damage to your vaginal tissue.

My boyfriend and I lost our virginity to each other last week. It was quick, I bled a bit, but the next day my vagina was discharging a dark, foul-smelling fluid. We used a condom, so it couldn't be an infection, right?

Dinah answers: It is highly unlikely that the discharge that appeared the very next day is an infection caused by the sex because infections tend to take longer to develop and you wisely used a condom. Perhaps there was some other existing sore or irritation that was aggravated by the intercourse. Or maybe it was pre-menstrual spotting that was triggered by sex which may have touched your cervix. In any case, if the discharged did not clear up immediately or if pain followed, it deserves a visit to your gynecologist for a check up.

A few months ago my period was 2 days late and then the next month I missed my period. I have now been on my period for a month. It was very light in the beginning & is a little heavier now, but still not like a normal period. A few months back there was some major issues with work causing me stress & I started dieting. Is that whats causing me to still be on my period?

Dinah answers: Stress and diet changes can do some major reordering of your period but they should not lead to bleeding for weeks without a break. There is a condition which causes bleeding to continue, it is called endometriosis. It is worthwhile speaking to a gynecologist about this and having an examination to see if this is what you have. If it is endometriosis, treatment can be very helpful to stop it from deteriorating and to protect your fertility. It is quite a common condition and can be taken care of, but it is best sooner rather than later. Even if this is not the case, you may be anemic from all the blood loss, so its worthwhile seeing a doctor and checking it up.

I had sex two days ago with someone and he used a condom for the first part of sex, until I came then he took it off and still had sex with me for a little while longer, like maybe 5 or 10 minutes. The day after we had sex I started to bleed and after the bleeding stopped I have still had a brownish discharge, it does not smell or anything but is this normal? I have not had sex in a while and I am supposed to start my period next week and I have missed my pills for a couple of days. what should I do?

Dinah answers: The bleeding and brownish spotting is most likely related to missing a few pills, which is enough to rearrange your regular bleeding cycle. I cannot understand why you would choose to take the condom off in the middle of the act, especially if you know that you have missed a few pills, which leaves you unprotected on all fronts. I suggest that you wait for your period to arrive and take a pregnancy test if it is a few days late. Once that concern is taken care of, you should test for STDs. You can get counseling at a local family planning clinic. In the meanwhile, you need to use condoms every time you have sex because you don’t know what you may have picked up.

After having sex with my partner i have white stuff and its not sticky and its not liquid. can u pls help me with these matter, its really irritating

Dinah answers: The most likely possibility is that you have a yeast infection. If so, you probably feel some itching and burning when urinating. Some women say the white discharge that is produced looks like cottage cheese. If this is the case, it can easily be kept at bay with an anti-fungal cream that you buy at any pharmacy, but some women have it worse than others, which means it can recur and need you to watch your diet and use something stronger. If so, you should consult with a doctor. If your discharge does not respond to anti-fungal cream, or pass on its own, you should have a doctor look at it to figure out if you have an STD or some other problem.

I think I'm about to get my first period and I have been waiting a long time, is there anyway I can make my period come faster??

Dinah answers: There is no safe way that you can cause your body to start menstruating. Getting your period is dependent on your hormones and you really shouldn’t mess with them at a young age. If you are young (under 17) then not having your period is nothing to necessarily worry about; after that age it is worthwhile visiting a gynecologist for a check-up. Otherwise, let nature take its course and note that periods are a wonderful system for your body to tell you that everything is in order. Your body will speak up when it is ready.

My problem is, My bladder drooped into my urethra causing me to pee out of my vagina and not the clitoris. I am fairly young (but older than 18) i can not find a gynecologist that is able to take medi-cal so i can see what the problem may be. Do you have any idea? under my recent study i have found that is a mild case of cystocele. But, I have had this problem for well over 6 months now. I have done proper exercises to strengthen my muscles in that region. My posture has improved as well. help! To add to my problem. Is it even possible to get pregnant with a condition like this? i have never had a child before, so most likely i got this condition from lifting heavy things or bowel movements. Is it safe to have sex while having cystocele? what foods should i avoid? what vitamins should i take?

Dinah answers: From your description you may well have cystocele although you sound young, and this is generally a condition caused by trauma, multiple births and aging of the pelvic muscles. I don’t want to try to advise because you really need to see a doctor and be given advice based on a thorough examination and medical history. Only him or her will be able to appraise your chances of getting and maintaining a pregnancy and what is safe or unsafe in terms of sex. I understand how crazy this may sound when you have little or no medical insurance, but your first priority now must be to find public medical attention, even if it means sitting in line in a hospital, waiting for a referral. I am impressed that you have been doing pelvic floor exercises (kegels) and that they appear to be working. I should just correct you that you actually pee out of your urethra, a small tube that comes out near the vaginal entrance. Your clitoris is not involved in urination, it is a sexual organ meant only for pleasure.

My breasts hurt very bad to the extent that it hurts to sleep on them or give someone a hug. I am not expecting my period for at least 3 weeks! Have you heard anything about this?

Dinah answers: Sore breasts (if they haven’t been bruised or over-prodded) are almost always due to hormones, so they are often the first sign that you are pre-menstrual or pregnant. If there is any chance that you can be pregnant, I would follow that lead, starting with a home pregnancy test. If your last period was a bit lighter than usual, it is possible and quite normal that you are pregnant and still bled. If this is not the case, have a doctor do a check-up to look for anything unusual.

Two weeks after my last period i started to get really ,really sore boobs. I ended up taking a early home pregnancy test about a week before i was due that came neg. I also was feeling really nauseous. I ended up getting my period two days late. When it came i got the worst cramps of my life (i am 20). I was throwing up in a bucket all while sitting on the toilet and having diarrhea. I had such bad cramps ,that it felt like my vagina was contracting(i could feel it throbbing down there).I couldn't stand or lay down .My body was numb and i almost passed out from the pain. The weird thing was that while having the cramps the bleeding was heavy for about three hours. Then there was only a small amount not enough to fill a pad .Then it went to a light watery pinkish color the next day. So it only lasted basically not even a day. I usually have it for about 4 or 5 days. I have had bad cramps before, but never so strong and violent. Could i still be pregnant, could i have had a miscarriage? Or could it be a hormonal problem?

Dinah answers: You need to visit a gynecologist for a check-up. If it was a spontaneous miscarriage, you need a doctor to check that the miscarriage was complete. It would also be useful to know in the future if you have or have not had a miscarriage in your past. Even if this is just extreme PMS, perhaps you can speak to the doctor about how to control the symptoms.

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Dinah answers: I am very sorry to tell you that chronic yeast infections have no easy answer. Greater experts than I have written long books on the subject and still there is no definitive solution. It seems like you are doing all the right things but perhaps you can get a bit stricter on the diet. Cut out sugar completely, because candida (yeast infection) thrives on sugar, even fruit when you are in the middle of an outbreak. Stay away from white flour too. It may sound far-fetched, but sugar is an addiction and once you get used to living without it, things just become sweeter. This is my personal experience. Sex during an outbreak (if you can even consider the option) isn’t good for you or for your partner, who probably has been exposed by now, but still. You may want to ask your husband to get tested, because he may be reigniting it if he has candida in his mouth or genital area. A less complicated tip which may not wipe it away completely but will keep the candida down to a minimum, is Acidophilis, which you buy at a health store. This, like your diet, should be kept to for a few months straight, not only when you have an outbreak. Good luck!

I had a baby 3.5 months ago and i still have not gotten a period. I am not breastfeeding either. I have had some cramping sometimes worse than others. I feel like i have been more crabby lately and i was just wondering if this is normal or do you think there is a chance i could be pregnant again!

Dinah answers: You are less than four months after your birth (congratulations!) and your body is still getting itself back together. Even without breastfeeding, it could take months to get your period again, because each woman is unique in how sensitive she is to the hormones of pregnancy. If you are spending many hours a day in direct contact with the baby, your Oxytocin levels will be high and this too can affect your period. So you have no reason to worry that something is necessarily wrong, but it is probably wise to take a pregnancy test so that you know where you stand, rather sooner than later.

Is it normal to not have your period but have spotting thats brown, as if it was near the end of your menstrual cycle? I never had a period in which this happened. See I was on Depovera But decide to get off it. Could it be because of that? Im really Freaking out & dont know what to do.

Dinah answers: Depo Provera is a relatively high-hormone form of contraception, so when you start it and stop it it is very likely to cause some changes in the bleeding. I would suggest you wait to see how your next period or two go and not worry in the meantime. Dark brown bleeding is quite normal as part of your period, when there are hormone changes going on in your body.

During my period my anus hurts really bad. Sometimes it hurts to walk and it is really painful to use the bathroom. I want to know why this happens and what can I do to help stop the pain.

Dinah answers: Our periods are crazy occurrences, with a thousand different ways of affecting each woman differently. The anal pain is most likely caused by spasms in the pelvic muscles. You should try a muscle relaxant. If the over-the-counter ones don’t work effectively, ask your gynecologist or family doctor for a prescription for a stronger muscles relaxant, one that is known to work well on period pains (such as naproxen). If you prefer to stay away from meds, pelvic exercises especially circling your hips, can relieve the tension, but you need time for this to work.

My hubby and i love fisting. But I think it is starting to effect my period. Can it hurt me by making me not have my period?

Dinah answers: Both vaginal and anal fisting can be dangerous if not performed carefully or if you don’t build up to slowly. If there is tearing of the internal tissue or infection introduced by a dirty hand, you might land up causing infection in the reproductive system and this could lead to changes in your period. I am not the one to give you an answer on this one; you need a pelvic exam by your gynecologist, who will be able to feel if there is any inflammation and know how to handle it. Otherwise, have you considered the option that you may be pregnant?

how long would it take to get my period after having sex.

Dinah answers: Your period works on its own schedule and is not influenced by having or not having sex. If you have a regular cycle, whether it is 26 days, 35 days or any other length, then you’ll know when to expect it. If you are irregular, it may be a little more stressful waiting for it to come. Just remember that stress can delay your period. If you have had unprotected sex, you should test within a few days of the time that you would normally get your period.

I had an atopic pregnancy in oct and started sleeping with my boyfriend in the end of november. About 3 months in he said I changed dramatically and got really loose. About 2 months later he said I went back to normal. Now about 3 months later he says I am very loose again. Every time this happens he accuses me of cheating and I am not! Please help explain why this is happening. I have cysts and a IUD also not sure if this would contribute to the change?

Dinah answers: It is not probable that cysts or any form of birth control would change the tightness of your vagina. The only things that can change it are pregnancy and childbirth, stretching it with large objects and the passing of time. Unless you were doing exercises to contract the muscles, they would not spontaneously tighten and loosen in this way. An ectopic pregnancy would also not effect this because it would need to be terminated early, before it begins exerting pressure on the vagina and possibly weakening the muscles. If your partner is feeling a different amount of tension it might be because his erection is not as full as possible, and therefore he does not “fill you up” in the same way. This might be brought on by something going on in his body, or it could be psychological, because he is worried about being cheated on or he is thinking about the pregnancy/termination. In any case, accusing you of cheating will not help the relationship and it will not help the sex. You need to discuss this openly, maybe even with the help of a couples’ therapist. You have both been through something traumatic, and some therapy could really be helpful.

Me and my boyfriend were getting close and he sucked on my nipple but it was a bit too hard and a hickey is now there but its an ugly one with ALOT of broken blood vessels (however no blood came out). should i be concerned? or will it go away like a regular hickey? i have had this before and those went away but this one is a tad bit darker. i feel no pain, just worried.

Dinah answers: This too will pass. It is just a form of bruising. But I suggest that if his enthusiasm leaves you worried and tense, that you discuss it with him and suggest that he takes his intensity down a bit. Otherwise how is he supposed to know that you have spent all this time troubled?

Me And My Boyfriend Had Sex, For The FIRST Time. He Did Use A Condom And It Went By Well. I Did Take A Shower After It, But Ever Since Then, My Vagina Has This Ugly Smell To It Now. Is Something Wrong?

Dinah answers: There is a good chance that you have some sort of bacterial or fungal upset in your vagina, perhaps even thrush. This is very common in women after having sex for the first time. It is the result of introducing something new into this otherwise harmonious zone, where all the many bacteria were in balance. Sex with a condom can also upset this sometimes, perhaps because of the lubricant on the condom, or just because you wiped away the bacteria when you showered afterwards. In future, you should wash with water only and try not to enter water into the vagina. The vagina can clean itself, especially when it is in balance. You need only to clean the outside area of the vulva and make sure that your partner keeps clean. Bacteria and fungi of this sort generally correct themselves. If you are feeling much discomfort visit your doctor for an examination and discuss taking a swab for a culture.

i am now 36 years old and i only get my period just for one day, which is strange to me because i usually get mine for three days. please help me.

Dinah answers: If the bleeding came when you were expecting your period, and not in the middle of the cycle (ie. spotting), then the most obvious explanations are either that you are pregnant or that this may be the first signs of menopause. Some women experience minor bleeding in the first month or so of their pregnancy. If there is even the slightest chance that you could be pregnant, get a home pregnancy test or go test at the family planning clinic, so that you can confirm or reject this option. As for the possibility of menopause, it usually sets in between ages 45-55, but it is not unusual that it should get started in some women during their 30′s. If this is happening to you, you need to make an appointment to see a gynecologist, to discuss what this means and how you can deal with it. There are other reasons why your period can suddenly change so radically. If you are under immense stress, you might find your period is effected. There are certain physical causes, such as hormonal changes brought on my growths in the reproductive system. This would demand a gynecologists visit and a few tests to check out. I would suggest you check out the pregnancy option immediately. If this is not the case, perhaps wait to see if your next period is normal and if there is anything unusual, visit a gynecologist and see what she or he can make of it.

I always get goldish-brown discharge after sex, is that normal? We use condoms and lube, could that be why? It lasts for about a day and i dont have any other problems, i got a clean bill of health from the gynos.

Dinah answers: The answer to your question is not something that I can provide, it is something you need to get from a trained physician after a full pelvic exam. I am happy to hear that you have done just that, and been given the all clear, meaning that there are no signs of cervical lesions, or at least nothing that the gynos could find. There is no reason that condoms and lube would produce dark discharge. Sometimes condoms can be rough on the fragile vaginal tissue, and cause light bleeding, but lube would reduce this, so this doesn’t seem to be the explanation. The only suggestion I would offer it to seek out a second opinion from another gynecologist. Perhaps there is some sensitivity of the cervix, that the doctor can test for specifically. Before doing so, perhaps try having sex without penetrating quite so deep. Maybe if your partner’s penis is stays further away from the cervix, you may have less irritation. In any case, it is worth knowing the reason for the discharge, but having more information of what kind of sex increases or decreases the discharge, can only help your doctor look in the right direction.

Im scared. I show no signs of pregnancy except weird periods. last month is started slow, brown then the usual deep red and lasted nine days. this month it was 4 days late and its light. its been the 2nd day now so idk if its short or long yet. im just scared i mite be pregnant.

Dinah answers: Some women have some bleeding when they are pregnant, but usually any signs of a period cease completely. Could there be another cause of your periods going out of order? Perhaps your weight has changed significantly, or your nutrition, or sleep and stress has changed? The brown bleeding at first is nothing to worry about. The fact that you bled for 9 days may suggest that there is a problem, like a condition called endometriosis, if it begins to repeat itself. Extensive bleeding of this sort is NOT a typical sign of pregnancy. In any case, if you have pregnancy scares 2 months in a row, I must ask what you are using for contraception? If you are using nothing, it surely isn’t worth the worry that you are causing yourself. If you are using something, and perhaps not using it properly, this is a good wake-up call. You can discuss the contraceptive option that is best for you as well as your bleeding problems with a gynecologist or your family physician.

I started feeling weird, really bad lower back pains associated with cramps but didn't think anything of it, but I did a bowel movement and started spotting blood from the vagina. I wiped really light pink blood but is this because I'm pushing to use bathroom? My boobs hurt the way they usually feel when i'm gonna get my period. I took a pregnancy test which was negative, could I be pregnant? I still have cramps and a kind of burning sensation. i had a pap smear about a month ago and everything was normal? Help, is it too early to take a test?

Dinah answers: The feelings that many women experience when they are first pregnant are often the same as what they feel when they are pre-menstrual. They are both states of hormonal changes that can cause sensitivity of the boobs, cramps and spotting. In order to get an answer to the the question of pregnancy of not, you can take a home pregnancy test as soon as a few days after your period is due. If your period is not regular, you may need to repeat the test in the days or weeks that follow. For best results, read more about home pregnancy tests. Understanding the cause of the bleeding is a whole different issue. If the bleeding does not return, you don’t need to worry about it, but if there is further bleeding, it is important to get it checked out. If the blood is from tearing of the anal tissue due to pushing and straining, it will be bright, like the blood from a fresh cut. If it is darker, but comes from the anal area, it could mean a problem in the digestive system that needs to be discussed with a doctor. Spotting or vaginal bleeding between periods seems to be more suited to what you described. It is blood from the uterine lining, like period blood, but not yet in full force, so it is mixed with the cervical mucus and appears pink or brownish and more slimy than liquid. On a woman the three gateways (urethra, vagina and anus) are quite close togther but you can get to know where each one is and then differentiate discharge or bleeding with ease.

i want to drink my girl friends vaginal juice daily so please tell me, is there any harmful effect on my health or is there any benefits to my health if i drink it? there are not any STD diseases. kindly give me an answer in detail, and what is the main ingredients of vaginal fluid, thanks.

Dinah answers: There is a detailed article on the contents of vaginal juice which explains that it is certainly healthy and enjoyable, as long as there are no STDs present. Note that there is a difference between vaginal juices, which all women produce, and female ejaculate, which a few women produce when their G-Spot area is stimulated to orgasm.

my question is - is it possible to start your period if your pregnant? cause doesnt the sperm attach to the egg and then your period doesnt come because it detects somthing to make a baby. so getting the blotches - was it just stress or can i still be pregnant even though i started my period?

Dinah answers: It is not possible to have your period when you are pregnant. Sometimes, though, there is a confusing state of bleeding while you are pregnant. The bleeding can happen at any time – when your period is due or on different days. But this is not a period, it is significantly lighter, and it is doesn’t continue as long as a period. When it happens, it is usually not a sign of any problems, and usually passes after a few hours or days. It is quite common in early pregnancy and then stops. If what you are experiencing is similar to your regular cycle, then you can feel sure that you are not pregnant.

Right after i ovulate my breasts and nipples always hurt until i get my period. My cycles are 30-36 days long. I was wondering if i do get pregnant would they still hurt or would they start hurting if i do not get my period?

Dinah answers: Your breasts hurt because certain hormones in your blood (estrogen and progesterone) rise after ovulation (mid-cycle). Some girls and women are more affected by this than others. Usually it is felt during the few days before the period begins (some women depend on it as a sign that they are about to start bleeding). But in women who are more sensitive to these hormones, the pain or sensitivity and even lumpiness might be felt for much of the time after ovulation, which is the couple of weeks before your period. The premenstrual tenderness that you feel in your breasts is similar to the tenderness that women often feel when they are first pregnant; in fact some women note that this is their first sign. So don’t expect your breasts being sensitive or sore to be a sure sign of any one thing. It is simply a sign of changing hormone activity.

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Dinah answers: Hormones, hormones, hormones. They can be cruel but they are one of those facts of life. The cause you to laugh and cry and they can make your muscles calm or they can make you feel like your intestines are being put through a washing cycle. Every woman gets affected differently, and sometimes some months are killers and others are walks in the park. The thing is that you can’t live without hormones, so you have to try getting along better with them. Exercising throughout the month and especially when the PMS begins, can reduce the pain and stress. It’s usually a good thing to listen to your body, but when you start craving chocolate and filling up on frappuccinos, you’re making your situation worse; stay away from caffeine as much as possible. If the pain is bad, especially if you’re experiencing pain that is growing worse as you get older (this is common among women in their late 20′s and 30′s who have not given birth), some of that pain you’re feeling on the first day of your period is your cervix stretching opening, which gets harder as you get older. There is not much that helps when the pain is so harsh, except for kick-boxing or meds. There are muscle relaxants that are especially effective for period pains, which are usually only available with a script from your doctor. The right medication, if it is taken as soon as the first niggle appears, can stop the cycle of pain before it begins. You shouldn’t need much more that a couple of pills per month, which isn’t too bad, even if you don’t like taking pills.

So, me and my boyfriend have been having sex for almost a year and a half. The last 3 times we had sex their's been some blood... I did have my period about two weeks ago. Could it be from him going to deep inside me with his penis? because he has been going a little deep lately.. Or what? I'm a little bit nervous and embarrassed! It has never happened before.

Dinah answers: First of all keep in mind that sex is not a sterile activity: it involves genital fluids, sweat, and sometimes blood. Bleeding is nothing to be embarrassed about but it is definitely something that needs to be checked out. Blood from a cut, or from injury to your vaginal tissue would tend to be bright red, whereas menstrual blood or mid-cycle bleeding would be darker. There could be a sore that opens up from the friction during sex, it could in fact be inside your vagina or on his penis or scrotum area. Unless you can confirm that it is menstrual bleeding, you need to have your gynecologist take a look at what is causing the bleeding, because it shouldn’t be there. It may be a sore that can be taken care of or if it is your boyfriend’s rough penetration, you need to use more lubrication and/or learn to pay attention to when the tearing is about to happen so that you can stop. And yes, if you are hurting it is perfectly okay to stop in the middle of sex. Both you and him can have orgasms without penetration.