Sexual Orientation

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i love watching porn, women and men but mainly women and love watching boobs and pussy licking but i seriously fancy a guy and dream of us having sex and stuff. am i lesbian or straight or bi ?

Dinah answers: The kind of porn that turns you on or the erotica that you like to read is not a clear indication of your sexual orientation. Research shows that many straight women enjoy some kind of girl-on-girl fantasies, but they remain attracted to men and only act on this attraction. If you are attracted to a man you are either straight or bi-sexual. The question remains, are you attracted to real women too, or do you just get turned on and/or curious watching women in sex movies? To a certain extent your body and mind will give you the answer, but some will argue that there is also (to some extent) an element of choice. What do you choose to define yourself as and what lifestyle do you choose to lead?