And the Lord God Spoke and He Had Simon Cowell’s Voice

Here’s some real reality for you TV-reality fans. You’re not snooping on real people’s lives and processes, you’re just playing into a new form of orchestrated drama. Like other naughty fun, it’s alright if it’s useful for all parties concerned and all participants are consenting adults. But with the latest story about 12-year old Ronan Parke being groomed and even gay-washed, it seems to all be a cynical, money-making scam. So come back down to earth, Simon Cowell. Apparently too much “reality” has left you confused as to who God is.

According to an anonymous blogger, the truly charming and talented Ronan Parke is set to win tonight’s Britain Has Got Talent final. He was set to win from the start. In fact, he was set to win when a talent scouting team discovered him 2-years ago and began a process of fixing him, so that he’d be the next great child star – Britain’s answer to Bieber.

No, it’s not Bri’ish patriotism or a sense that after the latest royal wedding, they’re again capable of ruling the world. Its Cowell’s music label, SyCo, which owns the show and owns the asses of any talent that it uncovers.

It really is a long and devious story. Much of it has been speculated before, but recently it turned up on the blogosphere, where it caused a huge stir before miraculously disappearing. But with blogs as with blogs, whatever once appeared is somewhere to be found, and so read ‘em and weap, Simon and allies.

It may be true that the entertainment industry is tough, but there should be protection for minors. When it comes to sexualising a kid (in this case giving him a same-sex orientation image) who clearly has not yet figured out his likes and choices, this is bordering on criminal. And speaking of likes, SyCo runs his Facebook page and other social networks. Hmm.

It really is worth a read before deciding to participate and contribute. Besides, we all loved Susan Boyle and 9 million album sales and a promise to stay just the way she is later, the whole affair is not as Cinderella-esque as it seemed at the time.

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