Privacy Policy

As the leading online women’s sex education resource, we would like you to feel secure while searching and exchanging information on our site. We recognize the importance of feeling safe online and have committed ourselves to ensuring that your privacy is respected and protected.

The Dinah Project website is defined as an English-language website, based in the United Kingdom, controlled and/or operated by The Dinah Project Ltd. If you have any questions or concerns that we do not answer in this policy statement, please send us an email at having-fun-editing (at) dinahproject (dot) com

Information that The Dinah Project Collects

The only information that The Dinah Project will collect is emails, should you choose to send questions, comments or reviews and survey / poll information. This information will be securely stored and will not be passed on to any other parties.

1. Blog, Articles, Reviews & Ask Dinah

Please remember that any information you disclose in the Blog, Ask Dinah or comments to Articles or Reviews becomes public information and is immediately accessible on the The Dinah Project website, so it is important for you to exercise discretion and appropriate caution when deciding to reveal personal information in these areas. In the “Ask Dinah” section, your email will be kept strictly confidential, and used only to notify you when and where the answer will be published. The Dinah Project may decide to utilize the content of the Blog / comments / Ask Dinah content throughout The Dinah Project website and in promotions in order to enhance The Dinah Project’s editorial, advertising, promotional and similar activities. In those cases we often provide authorship credit by listing the author’s provided name. We therefore encourage you to use care in protecting your identity when you choose to write your name.

2. Surveys and Polls

Our surveys and polls ask for opinions on various issues and very often these surveys and polls are sponsored by or associated with The Dinah Project advertisers and partners. Occasionally, we may request demographic information (such as age or gender). The information obtained through surveys and polls is aggregated and used internally. Since our surveys and polls, are totally anonymous, your privacy can be guaranteed.

3. Links to Partner and Advertiser Sites

The Dinah Project website contains links to partner websites. We cannot be responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such non-Dinah Project websites. However, we generally advise you to check the privacy practices of the new site when you are leaving The Dinah Project website through a link. If you have additional questions about how one of our advertisers, partners or sponsors use information about you, we urge you to contact them directly.

4. The Dinah Project Opt-in/Opt-out Policy

If you are signed up to receive newsletters, from time-to-time, you may be asked to indicate whether you are interested in receiving information from us about special offers or news about our sites and advertisers. You will also be provided with the opportunity to opt-in to receive offers directly from select companies other than The Dinah Project. If you do choose to receive these communications by means of an opt-in, we will occasionally send you an email message that matches your request(s). You may, of course, always choose not to receive any of this information from us. At any time, you can contact us through having-fun-editing (at) dinahproject (dot) com to have your contact data erased.

  • Please note that The Dinah Project reserves the right to contact you in the event of a change in The Dinah Project Terms of Use and/or this Privacy Policy.
  • At any time, you can opt out of having your personally identifiable information shared with our Affiliates for their direct marketing purposes.

5. How We Protect and Secure Your Information

The Dinah Project has numerous security measures in place to protect you from the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. The Dinah Project uses industry-standard tools to ensure that your information is secure and confidential.

6. Guidelines Regarding Children

The Dinah Project provides information and sex education that may be of use to children as well as adults. However, in our efforts to protect minors from harassment or any other dangers, The Dinah Project does not encourage interactive participation by children. Anyone under the age of eighteen is discouraged from participating in any sexuality related blogs or message boards.

The Dinah Project management appeals to all users who experience abusive or distasteful interactions on the blog or message boards to contact the editor directly at having-fun-editing (at) dinahproject (dot) com