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Resources on Sexuality

The Dinah Project is a sex education initiative for women of all ages and backgrounds, and their partners.

The Dinah Project is dedicated to promoting healthy, informed and empowered sexuality for women and men, through expert-facilitated recommendations, open communication and updates on developments from sexual aids to human sexuality research.

Dinah is a team of public health practitioners and sexuality educators, supported by medical and paramedical professionals, working to inform, advise and support individuals in experiencing healthy, fulfilling and constructive sexual lives.

The Dinah Project promotes free choice over one’s sexual expression and fulfillment as a basic human right, barring when it harms others. This website is designed to encourage respectful interaction between people everywhere, on the norms of human sexuality, pooling their cumulative knowledge and experience, with the facilitation of professionals.

The Dinah Project  is an independent initiative, dedicated to providing free educational materials to the public and increasing awareness to healthy sexual behaviour. We work tediously to answer every question that is submitted to the site with full attention, which we have done consistently since 2006 with very humble means.

Any form of support is greatly appreciated, from the gratitute we receive and recommending this site to others, to donations of any amount. If you are interested in supporting us so that we can continue to provide this service, please click the secure PayPal button below.