About Us

Dinah Project was founded and created a few years ago. The owner of this website and business was always inspired with making crafts and DIY decorations for her house. One day, her friends encouraged her to do this hobby as something else. Something that will help her and her family financially. She never thought of such ideas before because it never occurred to her that she can make business out of it. But with her supportive friends and encouraging family, she decided to do it.

Her friends helped her advertise and promote her crafts with other people until she ended up setting up a small shop in Nevada. There were the clothes she made by her own hand, accessories and even decorations or furniture for her house. From a small store, it became bigger and bigger until it is now huge and big enough to gain more recognition and attention from others.

Many people became curious about how she handles her business so well and how she created such great crafts. Of course, she is thankful to the people who worked with her, helped her make crafts and supported her endeavor. But since a lot of people wanted to know how she does it with the people who help her, she decided to make her website different and turned it into something new. Other than being an online shop, it became a tutorial website where people can also learn to craft just by watching videos and reading instructions.

By doing this, she didn’t just advertise her own works but she managed to help those who would love to learn as well. After all, it is better to share your skills and knowledge to other people and besides, she thought that crafting isn’t really that hard. She knows that anyone can learn it easily if you give them good and easy to follow instructions and details. Now Dinah Project continues both as an online crafts shop and tutorial website.