Sexuality in the 60′s and 70′s


The first modern Pill became available, when “Enovid” was approved by the FDA as an “ovulation-inhibiting agent”. It had severe side effects, since the dosage of estrogen was 3-5 times higher than it is today.

This development shocked the conservative and religious establishment. Some believe it may have been a major contributor to the sexual revolution that began around the same time.


The first silicone breasts are implanted by Drs. Cronin and Gerow in Houston, Texas. Before silicone, a range of weird and not so wonderful materials were implanted into the breast, including fat, rubber, glass balls, bees wax, petroleum jelly and others, often leading to infection and breast hardening.

Silicone implants have become the most popular method of breast enlargement, with huge improvements in their texture, packaging and safety.


Masters and Johnson published Human Sexual Response, a book containing the findings of years of physiological research that provided the four phase model of the sexual response cycle in humans (Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution). This publication is considered a classic of human sexuality study and even though the model is today regarded as inaccurate and culturally biased, it has survived as a major benchmark and comparison point for future sexology study.

William Howell Masters, who was a gynecologist and Virginia E. Johnson, a psychology researcher, were married in 1971. They were divorced in 1993.


On July 27th the New York Police raided a gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village, New York City, claiming that alcohol restriction laws were being violated. The patrons of the bar, who were exposed to harsh levels of violence and homophobic expressions, fought back and began a rebellion against the police force. Riots and calls for gay rights ensued and lasted for 3 days. On the anniversary of the riots, the gay communities of New York and Los Angeles celebrated and so a tradition was born: this was the beginning of the gay pride celebrations, marked annually all around the world.


The state of Massachusetts finally repealed its anti-birth control laws, making it the last state in the United States to do so. Ironically, it was Boston, Massachusetts, where the Pill was born.

The reason for these heavily restrictive laws is probably the strong Catholic presence in the Massachusetts administration.


The most famous porn movie of all times “Deep Throat” was released. The film, which was the first full-length porn with a supposed plot, brought Linda Loveday into the limelight.

In 1981 Linda said in an interview that “When you see the movie Deep Throat, you are watching me being raped”. Linda joining up with feminists around America in becoming an anti-pornography activist,. She explained that her work had been done under the violent threats of then-husband Charles Traynor, who abused her and pimped her into the pornography industry.


The Roe vs. Wade verdict passed by the US Supreme Court on January 22, by a 7-2 decision, effectively legalizing abortion in the US. It provided limitations that each state could work within regarding abortion. First trimester abortions were defined as a private decision between a woman and her physician. Second trimester abortions needed to be made legal under certain health circumstances. Third trimester abortions could be declared illegal by states unless the life of the woman was at stake.


Playboy made its debut, with Marilyn Monroe as the first centerfold. For more than a decade, the magazine showed only breasts and bottoms, and the first full frontal appeared in 1970. Playgirl, which introduced porn for females, appeared in 1973.


Betty Dodson began her reign as “The Mother of Masturbation” when she published “Liberating Masturbation”. She was forced to publish the book herself because no publishers would dare take on the subject. It was later revised and republished as “Sex for One”.

This book created a new open dialogue about female masturbation as the basic sex act. She also raised the issue of vibrators as an advisable way for women to masturbate, this at a time when vibrators were still more or less taboo.


The Rainbow Flag was first used at the San Francisco Pride Parade. It was created by Gilbert Baker and originally had 8 stripes, but was later simplified to the current 6 stripes. Very tragically, maybe even ironically, the two to take the chop were hot pink and violet. 

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  1. 1968: found out how my things ‘worked’…
    1972: hetero-sex.. didn’t really impress me..
    1975: discovered that girls do it better, MUCH better.

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