60 and Still Sexy

Say the number 69 and anyone with a sexy mind will smirk. But 60, for some outdated reason, reeks of just plain old. Well, it shouldn’t and the most erotic 60 year old that I know is now proof of that.
This week is 60 years since the Kinsey Report on Female Sexuality was born. She followed a difficult and ill-received pregnancy, but ever since the birth of her brother, the Kinsey Report on Male Sexuality, the clan knew that without asking women about their experiences, the study would be far from complete.
Sometimes I read through some of the quotes I’ve marked in my copy over the years and think that we have hardly advanced from where the Kinsey team left off so many years ago. The report concludes that in general young girls are mis-educated about sex, that premarital sex is likely to affect female adjustment in various ways (maritally, psychologically, socially), that chastity often does more harm than good, and that young women who stay sexually inactive may be refraining less because their morals are strong than because their sex urges are weak. (These are just a few of the juicier bits). Had we retained the pace of research and the brave stamina, we might by now have had better understandings of bisexuality, female libido, BDSM, the G-spot and female ejaculation, to mention just a few of the areas that are so lacking answers in the sexology world.

So from one of those sex educators who has learned, been inspired, enjoyed and criticized, here’s saying happy 60th and may the years bring on more of the same. Or at least different but just as radical.

One comment on “60 and Still Sexy

  1. It seems like it was only yesterday here at senior match that we were talking about the Kinsey report. While there have been other studies, there hasn’t been anything as groundbreaking and revolutionary. And, as a side note – I’m surprised that there are so many who are emphasizing that sex is bad and that women shouldn’t enjoy it. I’m looking forward to the next revolution. :)

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