6 Reasons Why Yoga Will Spruce Up Your Sex Life

1. Muscle Strength

Yoga positions use the body’s own weight to isolate, stretch and strengthen muscles all over the body. A stronger and more confident body can enjoy more creative sexual positions. You can change positions when you want to, and not only when you feel too weak to support your (or your partner’s) weight.

2. Flexibility

Have you read the Kama Sutra? Say no more.

3. Stress Control

We all know how dramatically stress burns up your energy and good health. It also churns away at your sex drive. Stress is known to decrease the libido, which is a double whammy because sex is the best form of stress relief. When your sex drive is down, your body misses out and your relationship gets out of sorts. And so the stress shoots up and the cycle continues. You need to break that cycle.

Yoga and meditation, practiced together, have been proven to reduce stress and tension. Health care professionals recommend it for rehabilitation and prevention, especially for stress-related conditions such as heart disease.

Stress has such a powerful impact on the body that it acts as a contraceptive, but not a very useful one. You cannot necessarily deactivate it when you want to become pregnant, and you can’t count on it controlling your fertility; it is simply too erratic and still not well understood.

4. Breathing and Concentration

Yoga teaches breathing techniques that aerate the body and the mind, improve the concentration and relax the muscles. These techniques are excellent for using during orgasm. This is especially true for women who are having trouble reaching orgasm, where relaxation and release are required.

5. Body Image

When you learn to twist your arms and bend your back into positions that you haven’t managed since childhood, there is a definite feeling of effectiveness and achievement. It feels sexy.

Yoga will give you a body that feels energetic, capable and refreshed from the inside, and that is part of seeing yourself and your body as more desirable.

6. Body. Full Stop.

Yoga contours your body by giving you a full body stretching and tightening. Without jumping or pedaling, in fact by getting into various positions (asanas) and then not moving, you will work out your muscles, break a sweat and burn calories. If correctly done, you’ll have far less injuries than in high impact workouts, and your body will love you for treating it right.

It will take months, sometimes years to master the difficult yoga positions, but each breakthrough is a victory and it opens up new possibilities to widen your sexual repertoire and to enjoy your body and applaud your tenacity.

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