50 Ways to Make a Buck

Sex sells. No news there. And yet, there is always someone able to make more money off selling a new angle of sex. As if we haven’t seen it all already.

The latest fad is 50 Shades of EVERYTHING. From kinky toys to baby clothes. Seriously, does the term “out of context” mean anything to marketing scavengers? Let’s keep in mind that the success of the book comes from getting spanky and naughty sexual antics out of the dungeons and onto your mom’s, aunt’s and co-worker’s bedside table. It may have taken the once unspoken into the mainstream, but that isn’t supposed to be the mainstream for the whole family.

So what comes after 50 Shades baby clothes? Dominatrix Barbie? Actually that’s been done. So has camper-than-Liberace Ken. I’m sure there are plenty of virgin kiddie toys waiting to be sexualized.

Come to think about it, how much worse would it be if we took the guns away from the juniors and replace them with flogs and mouth gags? Ok, flogs are way too inappropriate but show me a parent and I’ll show you someone who would buy a few candy-coloured mouth gags in kiddies’ sizes if they could find them. It may just be that the world of kink speaks a whole lot of different languages to different people, but the sexy kind is the only one it’s still okay to sell.

One comment on “50 Ways to Make a Buck

  1. Sex can be just sex, but really and truly it is meant to be sacred. When a couple combines the sacred and the sensual they can transform their lives beautifully and magically manifest positive things into their lives.

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