Sex Terms Beginning with A

AAbstinence – Adultery – AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) – Anal Sex – Androgyne - Anilingus – Anonymous HIV Test – Anorgasmic – Antibiotics – Anus – Aphrodisiac



The active or passive choice to refrain from being sexually active. Some people define abstinence as including penetrative sex only, others include vaginal, anal or oral sex, while some definitions include a wider range of sexual acts such as masturbation or any genital contact.

Conservative forms of sex education tend to be based on teaching abstinence, but most research shows that this is an ineffective method; abstinence is something that can be chosen by an individual but when it is being imposed, it is likely to fail.


Sex involving a married person and a partner other than the person he or she is married to. In some cultures either the female, the male or both can be married but a more sexist definition holds that adultery is only committed when a married women has sex with a partner other than her spouse. This definition assumes that males are free to have multiple partners but females are not.

Some people consider only the married person to have committed adultery, suggesting an unmarried participant is free of the stigma.

Refraining from adultery is one of the ten commandments and in some theocracies it is criminal. It is also referred to as Extramarital Sex, Infidelity and Betrayal.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

Not actually a single disease but a syndrome, or group of diseases and conditions related to a common cause, HIV.

HIV infects the body and attacks the immune system, thereby exposing the infected person to a series of conditions known as Opportunistic Infections. An A IDS patient is treated by treating the particular opportunistic infection, while using a group of drugs known as “the cocktail” to reduce the viral load in the bloodstream, which will slow down the development of further opportunistic infections over time.

A person can be an HIV carrier for many years without becoming an AIDS sufferer if they keep healthy, take medications to lower their viral load because they only are considered to have AIDS once the first opportunistic infection is diagnosed.

AIDS is a new disease, being recognized since 1981.

Anal Sex

Sex that involves penetration into a male or female anus. It includes insertion of a penis or a sex toy. Anal sex is sometimes chosen by heterosexuals because it avoids the risk of pregnancy, but it is more risky than vaginal or oral sex in terms of STIs, because of the fine anal tissue. Male and female condoms can protect against STIs with high reliability. Lubrication is necessary because the anal cavity has no natural lubrication like the vagina does.


A person who is neither typically male nor typically female in terms of their gender identity, but rather belong to a third, less defined gender group. They may be attracted to either males or females, or be bisexual. They were once referred to as Hermaphrodites but have recently taken on the name Intersex, which implies the fact that they see themselves as non-gendered, gender-neutral, or a-gendered.


Running the tongue around the anal entrance for sexual pleasure. This is a form of oral sex and can spread STIs if a barrier is not used. Also known as Rimming.

Anonymous HIV Test

Testing for HIV in which no personal identifying details are handed over. Usually a serial number is given, through which the anonymous answer can be located when the individual returns to pick up the results. Anonymous testing is usually more difficult to find and more expensive than Confidential HIV Testing because the latter is often subsidized by health departments which want to be able to identify HIV carriers in order to follow up with treatment and testing of their sexual partner or partners.


Unable to experience orgasm. Recently, some experts have chosen to replace this term with Pre-orgasmic, suggesting that orgasm is generally possible for all with the correct preparation.


A medicine that kills bacteria and some other germs, which is used to cure Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and various other bacterial STIs. They are not able to treat viral STIs such as HIV, Herpes or HPV.


The “butt hole” or small opening in a persons rear-end. Its primary function is as the external part of the colon, where feces leave the body, but it is also used by some people as a sexual organ. The high density of nerves endings make touching, licking or penetration pleasurable to some people as sexual or erotic acts.


A substance which is supposed to increase sexual desire and sexual performance in the person by whom it is used. The name is taken from the Greek goddess of sexuality and love, Aphrodite.

Food and drink, specifically fruit and vegetables with phallic or vulva-like shapes, have in the past been rumoured to act as aphrodisiacs. Other natural substances reputed to be aphrodisiacs include aragula, chocolate, ginseng, kelp, onion, oysters, pumpkin, Spanish fly and Yohimbine. Yet scientists have not been able to identify libido activating substances. Expectation of sexual arousal (the placebo effect) may be an effective aphrodisiac it itself.


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