10 Commandments for the New Lesbian

Here is advice for the newly out lesbian, who is trying to reorientate herself outside of the norms of heterosexuality. Its given to you by women who know the experience, and wished that someone had laid it all out for them on tablets of stone.

I. You are gay. You can stop trying to date men and dress however you like.

II.Thou shalt no longer have to worry about traditional aesthetic norms. Beautiful and sexy just took on a much wider assortment.

III. Thou shalt recognize a new relationship time dimension. You don’t have to sit around waiting for her to call after the first date because she has already moved in.

IV. Thou shalt not be judged for having sex on the first date. Your date will respect you even more in the morning.

V. Thou shalt learn to share. Your clothes, make-up and tampons are no longer just yours.

VI. Thou shalt embrace emotional banter ad nauseum.

VII. Thou shalt try not to fall in love with straight girls. Some can be converted but most will just break your heart.

VIII. Thou shalt not be obsessed about shaving. Smooth is nice, but you can still get some even if you’re a bit prickly.

IX. Thou shalt feel free to use a harness and dildo without fearing that it means penis envy. Some things just feel good.

X. Thou shalt adopt egalitarian sexual behaviour. Just because you’re fem, doesn’t mean you can’t hit on the butch girl.



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